You Feel Trapped In Your Business

I know it is not easy to build a profitable business. It takes a lot of efforts, dedication, perseverance, belief, but most of all it takes the right mindset to keep you motivated and go through the hard times. You feel trapped in your business and you’re asking yourself many questions. All the work you’ve done seems to be waste and you don’t feel like continuing working on it. Anyway, you don’t have any results, why should you continue?

Listen to me dear, it is completely NORMAL to feel that way. Do you think that every successful person on this planet got their success easily? Well, let me reassure you, they didn’t. Okay, maybe some of them were born on the “right side” but let’s not consider these persons. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, etc. They worked their ass off to reach the success they have/had and yes, they probably met the feeling you are experiencing now.

Let’s take a look more deeply into the feeling you are experiencing (and that I also went through just so you know) and make sure to help you go through it and continue building your awesome business! You should not give up now, success is closer than you think.

You Feel Trapped In Your Business
– Thomas Edison

Let’s Take a Quick Look At My Story

You Feel Trapped In Your Business

Okay, so what’s happening? Let me talk for myself, maybe you can relate. I’ll also tell you what I have done to go through this “bad” feeling and continue working on my business even if results were not there soon.

I started my business with a lot of excitement. I thought I found the best idea ever and that money would come easily. Unfortunately, I was inexperienced and naive, like every beginner in the business world. It is normal to have this first feeling when you start because you don’t know how it works and what you need to do to make it work well.

So I started with my “brilliant” niche idea (blogging) following the awesome training given by Wealthy Affiliate. I was so certain my niche would give me $$$ within the first month, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I worked on my website for one month without stopping and trying to put things all together as fast as I can thinking that traffic would come easily. There, I was wrong.

Traffic needs time to come, it’s not because you have a lot of content in one month that it will come faster. It can but for that, you must have chosen really really really good keywords that Google will like and even if you have a new website, it will rank it.

But after one month I realized I didn’t really want to work on this website, I didn’t have many ideas to work on it for many years. So I decided to leave it there and start a new one (there I was stuck for the first time). For the second website, I was more confident, I had learned amazing stuff and I was more ready to use it properly.

So time goes on and I work as much as I can on my new website, through school and a part-time job, it was not easy but I really wanted to make it work and I was more motivated. I was creating new content every week, following the training and talking with the community to learn even more stuff. I felt 24h was not enough in my day to do everything I wanted to do.

Things were going well until… The 4 months old of my website. Many blog posts but no traffic, 0. There I felt trapped in my business. And the next chapters explain what went through my mind at this specific moment.

I Should Start Again With a ”Better” Niche

You Feel Trapped In Your Business

So yeah, necessarily when something goes wrong you’re asking yourself if you chose the right niche, the right ”problem to solve”. So I asked myself this question: Should I start again with a ”better” niche?

The problem with starting again is that it implies… starting all over again, everything you’ve done cannot work anymore because it won’t be the same niche. All that your website went through, even the smallest authority that it had gained won’t count anymore. Is it what I really want, start all over again?

When you face this question, I think it is really important to take a break and take a look at what you’ve done. You’ve not done all this for nothing. But since you don’t have results, you think that you’ve done all this for nothing. Don’t think this way, here is what you should do :

  1. Take a day off and try as much as possible to not think about your business, you should think about your WHY, the reason why you started;
  2. The next day, take the time to analyze what you’ve done and all the time that you have put at it, it will make you realize how hard you’ve worked until now;
  3. Take your WHY and check the analysis you’ve done of your work until now. Do you still want to start again?

What is your WHY? This is the exact reason you decided to start your business. Make sure to always relate to this WHY to keep you motivated. It is not always easy and if you lose the focus, it will just be harder to continue and maybe you’ll never reach your WHY.

Let me tell you what is my WHY. I’m working hard every single day to reach the freedom I want. Every day, every step that I take toward this WHY lead me closer to it. So if I stop now, I will probably never reach that freedom that I’m working for every single day.

By doing these small steps it will just help you to take a step back of what you’ve done and see it with another eye. I understand that when we are into it all the time, we do not see things clearly anymore. Starting with a ”better” niche won’t make things better because you’ll reach that same point again but just later with another niche. You have to go through it to leave it behind after. Don’t be afraid and go for it.

Also, if you have friends who know about your project and support you, don’t be afraid to share with them your worries and your interrogations. Sometimes it just feels good to talk with someone about it.

This leads me to another question I had when I got stuck in my business…

I Wonder If It’s Really Worth It

You Feel Trapped In Your Business

Is it? This question probably went through my mind a thousand times and it is still there sometime. But I make sure it doesn’t stay there because it doesn’t help my mindset to keep the focus. If I want to grow and make it work, keeping the right mindset is key.

Now, why are we asking ourselves this question? Simply because it is easy to ask. Is it really worth it? Should I really put the time in this if it doesn’t work?

The problem that happens too many times is that people (including me) prefer to not work much on it because ”they don’t know if it’s going to work for them” and they don’t want to lose time. So instead, they put a couple of hours on it every week or every month and after a couple of months, they just stop because they don’t see any results.

They don’t see any results because if in the same amount of time, let’s say 6 months, they would have worked 2 or 3 times better maybe that after 6 months they would see results. We are so convinced that it cannot work that we work in consequence of this mindset. And because of that, it just can’t work.

If you want it to be worth it, MAKE it worth it

Every result that you will get will depend on you and only you. If you wish that your business could work, it won’t. If you want your business to work, it will. We have to change our mindset to the focus one and accept the fact that it won’t always work. Most of all, we must accept that it cannot work immediately. The biggest problem people face is a vicious circle: because they don’t work much on their business, they don’t have results and think it cannot work. But if they took the time to work more on it then they would see results.

You probably know a small business close to you. Well, guess what, if it’s opened it is because the owner worked for it and even if he/she thought someday that he/she should stop, he/she didn’t. And that was the right thing to do. If we never go through the hard times, these hard times will always come back.

If you want to see results, you must work at it every day. An easy tip to work efficiently on your business is to prepare a plan. Without a plan, it can be much harder to reach your goals. And if you feel trapped in your business, continue working your ass off and get out of this trap. If many people did it before you, you can do it too. Always remember your WHY.

I think you understand better that YES it is worth it. If it was worth it when you started, it is still worth it now, and it’s even more. So don’t feel discouraged and let’s go to work!

My Friends/Family Tell Me To Stop Losing My Time

You Feel Trapped In Your Business

The last point I want to talk about can be very tough to deal with. Our friends and family are very close to us and too often they influence us. If they think it is not a good idea, most of the time we will think it is not a good idea neither. Or we’ll know it can be a very good idea but we’ll not jump in because they make it look like it’s not worth it. Why waste time and money on something you’re not sure it will work when you can work every day and have your paycheck every week?


Your WHY is the reason you decided to start your business. Your WHY should come before what your friends and family think. If you let the opinion of others come in your way, you’ll see it is a lot more difficult to believe in your abilities to make this business work.

On my side, I’m kinda ”lucky” because I don’t live with my family (3h drive) and my friends are not with me neither so I don’t have to talk about it to anybody. It makes it simple but I know that not everyone can keep it that simple. The most important is that you believe in what you do and that you don’t stop. Once they will see that you won’t stop and that you truly believe in your business, they won’t have the choice to believe in it too.

It is not always an easy thing to deal with friends and family but you must do abstraction of their opinions. What is important until you reach your goals is your business. If I can give you some tips on how to deal with time, friends and family (these are only a couple of ideas), here are 3 of them :

  1. Wake up earlier every morning (5 am for example) and work while everyone is asleep, this way you have your time, you’re not bothering anyone and you’ll probably have time with your friends and family later;
  2. Don’t talk about your business and what you’ve done, keep it for you. So they will not be bothered and maybe they’ll just ”forget” about it (if you do point 1 at the same time);
  3. Make sure to go to some activities they propose you (not all but a couple) so they will feel like you’re not always leaving them for your business and they will still feel important to you.

There are probably many more but these 3 can probably help you deal with your friends and family.

BUT, as I explained in the earlier chapter, if you want it to work you must work for it. You must not think it will work only by wishing. You must WANT it so bad. Have you noticed all the ”must” in the 3 last sentences? So yes, even if you feel trapped in your business and you don’t know what to do, your friends and family tell you to stop or you don’t know if it’s worth it, you MUST continue hustling!

When you’ll reach your goals you’ll be so happy that you didn’t stop and you’ll be able to say: I made it.

Don’t Leave All Your Work Behind

You Feel Trapped In Your Business

Finally, even if you feel trapped in your business, don’t stop. Continue to work hard and do the things you have to do to make it work. I admit, it is not always easy but if so many did it, why wouldn’t you?

Even if you think another niche would be better, don’t change. You’ll have to start all over again and you don’t want that. Your foundation is made, now what you need is to continue working until the results appear.

Maybe you think it is not worth it. You’re wrong. Because it was worth it when you started and it is still now. It will always be worth it. Remember your WHY.

Friends and family are very important to us and we don’t want to lose them. That’s why we should develop a way to work on our business that will fit with them. It’s a hard balance to keep but it is absolutely doable.

The most important thing is to always remember why you started and never doubt.

You Feel Trapped In Your Business

Hope this article helped you out! 🙂 If you have any experiences you’d like to share or if you are living a hard time, don’t hesitate to comment below, I’ll make sure to answer you 🙂

Your friend,


You Feel Trapped In Your Business

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  1. You really managed to get to the bottom of the problem: The WHY is so crucial! Every time I struggle, or I have low motivation, it is because I lost my WHY. This article is a great reminder and I really like your step-by-step solution as well.

    1. Hi James,

      Definitely, our WHY is crucial to reach our goals and achieve success. Without this WHY, why would we do it? Always keep it clear in your head.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed this post because it talks about the real motivation behind WHY you started your website journey.
    I have definitely struggled to keep pushing myself during my blogging journey but I know that it is worth now because it was definitely worth it when I started this journey.
    I also like your tips for effectively dealing with family and friends. A lot of times family and friends can really have your best interests at heart but they don’t quite understand the motivation behind WHY you decided to go for a blogging career.
    Having some distance to really give this blogging path a chance can be critical for achieving success.
    Thanks for great post!

    1. Hi Jesse,

      You are totally right, for our friends and family to understand what is going on in our head can be hard and I totally understand them. They must believe in us and let us do. Anyway, as long as you keep some time for them, everything should be fine.

      Thank you for sharing this 🙂

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