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The Ultimate School For Affiliate Marketing – Wealthy Affiliate Review

The Ultimate School For Affiliate Marketing

This review exists so that YOU can make yourself a thesis on whether Wealthy Affiliate is appropriate or not for you. It is really simple, I tell you what Wealthy Affiliate gives as an Online Marketing School and my own opinion of WA.

As a short resume, if you don’t feel like reading all in details, Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has many features to help you scale your online business. Here are the main subjects of my review and also the main features at WA :

Wealthy Affiliate has many surprises for you but to discover them, you need to explore them yourself! What about a FREE membership? Yes, you can explore Wealthy Affiliate for FREE if you want to, you just need to subscribe and you’ll be all set. What are you waiting for, go for it 😀

To make sure it is clear, if you have ANY questions about this review, or Wealthy Affiliate itself, please leave a comment below this article and I will take care to answer you in the next 24h. This post’s goal is to make you understand better what Wealthy Affiliate is and I don’t want you to stay stuck with your questions.

I want you to see the real benefits of Wealthy Affiliate since it is The Ultimate School For Affiliate Marketing and what it involves. It is important that you read this article with an opened mindset. Now, let’s start!

Wealthy Affiliate – Overview & Rankings

Name : Wealthy Affiliate
Owners : Kyle and Carson
Website URL :
Price : Starter member (FREE), Premium member ($49.99/month or $359.99/year)
My rating : 4.8/5

Find Yourself a New School : There Are Thousand of Training

You probably went to school to learn a specific profession and live from it. It was probably not really exciting but every morning you were getting up to go to your classes so that you would graduate and finally work in a stable job that maybe you did not even really liked. If I talk for myself, this is what I did and I did it mostly because the society tells us to do it.

Anyway, the point is if you could choose to go to school and learn how to make money immediately, do you think it would be more exciting, since the first reason we go to school is to assure ourselves a respectable income? Imagine, the course’s name is ‘’Make Money Online and Build Your Own Business’’. It sounds really exciting don’t you think.

What would you say if I tell you Wealthy Affiliate gives that type of classes.

  • You don’t have the constraint to set up an alarm to not be late at your classes;
  • You can learn wherever you want, you only need Wi-Fi;
  • If you don’t like Mondays, fine you can learn on the days that fit you the most;

And I could go on.

To reach success, either in a profession like doctor, police officer, etc. you need to work and learn. It is the same for online marketing. The difference with online marketing is that it is accessible, easy going and not expansive (compared with a doctor formation where you will be at school for at least 5 years and it will cost you more than $25 000).

At Wealthy Affiliate, The Ultimate School For Affiliate Marketing, they give you all the tools you need to start properly your own business that will allow you to fully live your life. Basically, to start your business you need to follow these 4 steps :

  • Step 1 : Choose an interest
  • Step 2 : Build a website
  • Step 3 : Attract Visitor
  • Step 4 : Generate revenue

What is awesome with this easy process is that ANYONE can do it. You can be 20 years old or 80 years old, you can be a man or a woman, you can live in America or in Africa or wherever in the world, online marketing doesn’t care.

There are many ways you can succeed online, and Wealthy Affiliate has all the trainings you need to reach your goals. Here are some of the training you can find at WA :

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 lessons);
  • Affiliate Bootcamp (70 lessons);
  • Email Marketing Trainings;
  • Live Webinars with professionnals;
  • Videos and Text based tutorials (1000+)
  • Etc.

Whether you are good or not online, you can be a beginner or advanced, Wealthy Affiliate is there for you and has everything you need.

Watch this short video 🙂

Support is Unbelievable… Get an Answer Really Quickly

To continue with the school story, when you were doing your course to become the best doctor, were you able to have access to professionnals that could answer all your questions? It is possible the answer is yes, and I am really happy for you because I didn’t have this chance in one of my course.

What is AMAZING with Wealthy Affiliate is the 24/7 support that will answer you as soon as your questions is posted. Have you ever had a quick answer like that? I think this is one of the major factor of Wealthy Affiliate’s success. You can post your questions there :

  • Live Chat 24/7 (get help within seconds);
  • Comments (get help within minutes);
  • Search bar (get help within minutes or find someone who has already asked your question);
  • Private Messaging (help within minutes/hours, depends if the person is available);

So, this is truly convenient to have access to these services when you have one simple question that if it is not answered quickly, you stay stuck and cannot continue.

Being Surrounded by Motivated People is Motivating

I think this is my favorite part. Wealthy Affiliate Community is unique, you cannot find one anywhere else. People who are at WA want to learn more and grow. They are there for the same purpose as you : learn & reach financial freedom.

So, why wouldn’t we encourage each other? We all want to succeed and we all know we can make it. It can be hard sometimes and this is why the community is there to encourage you to continue and not give up. Success doesn’t arrive in the first 7 days, you have to work for it.

People let you know they are there for you and that you can ask them all the questions you want, if they can answer you, they will. This is some examples of messages I received on my account a couple of days after joining in :

The Ultimate School For Affiliate Marketing
The Ultimate School For Affiliate Marketing
The Ultimate School For Affiliate Marketing

The community is extremely generous and you are part of this community. You can give to others too and in fact, you have interest in doing so because Wealthy Affiliate has an Ambassadorship program. Briefly, this ranks you in the Top 200 of Wealthy Affiliate members and you are known as a mentor in the community. It is cool that WA recognized your implication in the community and rewards you for it.

Learn To Make Money With Online Entrepreneur Certification

Now let’s talk about the interesting part of Wealthy Affiliate : Making Money.

Did you know that the Web is one of the places where it has the most transactions in the world actually? You probably know Amazon or eBay. Let me tell you approximately the revenu of Amazon in 2018, we talk about 70 billions of dollars. This is a lot of money. But what if you could have a part of this 70 billions $? Even if it was 1% ($700 000).

Well, do you know why I call Wealthy Affiliate The Ultimate School For Affiliate Marketing? Because it teaches you exactly how to deal with affiliate marketing. With the Online Entrepreneur Certification, they teach you how to make money with affiliate networks. Let’s put an image on the four steps I explained before :

The Ultimate School For Affiliate Marketing

What is really nice about this training is that either you are a beginner with websites or an advanced user of WordPress, it explains you every single thing step by step. So no, you don’t need any experience to start your own business.

In this training you’ll go through 50 lessons, each of them having different tasks to complete. This is a thing I appreciate of the trainings : the tasks. When I say they guide you step by step, this is exactly what I talk about. Once you’ve done a task, you check it and it is saved as completed.

Let see the 5 levels of lessons you’ll find in the Online Entrepreneur Certification :

1. Getting Started (FREE!)
2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
3. Making Money!
4. Mastering Social Engagement
5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

The first level is FREE and ACCESSIBLE just by joining as a Free Member (I first thought it was a really nice opportunity given by WA and I still think that). In this level, you have access to 10 lessons allowing you to explore and decide whether you want to continue or not your business.

Levels 2 to 5 are available as a Premium Member for the cheap price of $49.99/month or $359.99/year. They give you the opportunity to improve your business, make it professionnal and generate revenue from it. Remember when I said it would cost you at least $25 000+ to become a doctor…?

$49.99 is not expensive to reach financial freedom, don’t you think?

The Ultimate School For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners And Advanced

Another interesting training is the Affiliate Bootcamp. You probably think that Affiliate Marketing is not for you and that you would not know how to make money out of it. Let me tell you something, I totally understand you because I had exactly the same thought.

Let me tell you something else, when you started your course to become a doctor, were you thinking ”I don’t know how I will be able to remember the symptoms of every desease”? (I’m not a doctor, it is only an example). Maybe you did ask yourself this question or another one related to the profession, but you reassure yourself by telling you that you would learn it at school and everything would be fine.

Why couldn’t it be the same with Affiliate Marketing? Do you think successful people in Affiliate Marketing were good at the beginning? Everyone has to start somewhere, either for becoming a doctor or an Affiliate Marketer. And this is the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate, it teaches you Online Marketing. Basically, it is an online school with more than thousand of training and an awesome community always there to help you.

Now, let see what offers Wealthy Affiliate in their Affiliate Bootcamp! First, it is the same standard as the Online Entrepreneur Certification which means that the first level is free and levels 2 to 7 are for premium members only.

1. Getting Your Business Rolling (FREE!)
2. Content, Keywords and Conversions
3. Giving Your Site Social Value
4. Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media
5. Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals
6. Bing, Yahoo & The Power of PPC
7. How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

Once again, it gives you the opportunity to start and see if it’s for you and if you want to continue the Affiliate Marketing journey. It is important to not forget that this is a step by step training, so if you have gone through the 70 lessons, there are still way more trainings you can find on WA to improve your business.

Imagine having the opportunity to learn everyday how to make money and fully enjoy a total financial freedom. Isn’t what we want after all?

The Advantages of Being a Premium Member

Before being a Premium Member, it is entirely normal to be a Free Member. You don’t really know if Wealthy Affiliate is for you and if you want to continue the journey as an Affiliate Marketer. But I must tell you the advantages of being a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate so that you can make yourself a thesis on whether or not it is worth it.

I will present you both side, Free Member and Premium Member, as a list with caracteristics of each.

The Ultimate School For Affiliate Marketing

This is a little sneek peak of what you can find at Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member. If you rather stay as a Free Member, you can and still succeed, it may just take a little more work.

Build Your Own Website Like You Always Dreamed It

Like I told you in a previous chapter, Step 2 of creating a business is to build a website. At Wealthy Affiliate, they give you the opportunity to create this website. WordPress is a powerfull tool to create and manage beautiful websites, you just have to learn how to use it and this is where WA comes into place.

The trainings you find at Wealthy Affiliate will guide you in the total creation of your website from A to Z. It is not hard, you only need to take your time, listen (just like if you were in your doctor course!) and apply what is explained. Success will come if you follow these ”rules”.

As a Free Member, you have access to 5 themes. These themes can be personalized as you want, it is you that decide how your website look. As a Premium Member, you have access to more than 3000 themes, yes this is a lot! This is where it comes interesting because you can really choose a theme that is related to your choosen niche.

And what is really cool is that if you have a question about a specific theme or just in building your website, the community is there to help you!

Get Reward When You Succeed

The Ultimate School For Affiliate Marketing

One of the amazing thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the Vegas Reward. But what is it exactly? Let me explain you.

The Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference is a reward when you reach 300 active referrals. This trip is completely paid by the company, you don’t have to pay anything. Isn’t it exciting? I think it is!

It is never too late to start your business and look how amazing it can be.

School-of-Financial-Freedom Opinion

Now that I explained you what Wealthy Affiliate is about, it is time for me to give you my opinion.

First of all, the thing I find the most interesting in Wealthy Affiliate is the caring community. People being present for you, always there to answer your questions, I couldn’t ask for a better support. Starting a business can be hard, but with WA community who feels like a family, it’s like everything is possible.

Second, the trainings. Wow, I didn’t know it was possible to have access to so much knowledge for only 50 bucks per month. And it is particular knowledge, they teach you HOW TO MAKE MONEY. I mean, it won’t be long before your $50 will be refund… You just have to work for it!

Third, I love the fact that you can be reward for your implication in the community with the Ambassadorship program and the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference. It shows us that WA cares about us and wants us to be successful. It is more motivating to work hard when you know someone cares.

If I can say one last thing, I would say : What do you have to lose? You have a Free Membership that let you see if you can like it. If you don’t try you will never know, that is certain. Successful people didn’t wait for opportunities, they created them. You have one opportunity right here in front of you, now you have to choose if you take it or not.

  • You’ll have access to a BONUS with a discount of 59% on the first premium month ($19)!
  • You can join me whenever you need me at, I’ll be there to support you.

Hope this review helped you to understand better that Wealthy Affiliate is the utltimate school for affiliate marketing.

If you have any questions, just drop them below in the comment!

The Ultimate School For Affiliate Marketing
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12 thoughts on “The Ultimate School For Affiliate Marketing – Wealthy Affiliate Review

  1. Dear Yerdua, It’s very impressive how you bring out the whole free information about Wealthy affiliate to save many people from Online scams, me I lost over $4000 trusting people to build me a website,
    I browsed internet for over 7 years in search for how to build an online business, till I landed on Wealthy affiliate again. and I settled in to follow step by step…. That I have built my website and am publishing Content ,with immeasurable more other successes yet I never had any computer experience before….
    It’s very amazing… That through honest sites like you, many people who are searching the genuine online business opportunities will be blessed to find your help….
    I wish I landed on your site 6 years back….
    Thanks for beshaming the scammers by bringing out the real truth on your website…. If I did it from Africa, Then anyone can make it….
    God bless you….

    1. Thank you George, your comment is really appreciated. I hope I will help many people to take the good decision for them. And mostly, I hope, through my review, that they will see how powerful WA is when you just take the time to correctly see what it can give you as an opportunity. We are the only one responsible of our destiny!

  2. Great explanation of what wealthy affiliate is and how it works. I was very cautious when I started but it was the free membership that convinced me of it not being a scam. This catches my attention enough to look at it more.

    1. Good point! The free membership offers a lot so that you can make yourself a good thesis whether it is good for you or not. Since it’s free, people should not hesitate and take this opportunity, I’m glad you did. Thank you for sharing Justin!

  3. Hi Yerdua,

    Beautiful review about WA. The lessons, the community just feels you with enthusiasm to continue forging ahead to success with your niche.
    It’s a great place to be in, where you know you have the support of everyone else helping you out when you get stuck.
    The lessons are straightforward and to the point and very practice.
    Practice what you learn is paramount in WA cos every lesson gives you an outward action for you to immerse yourself in and it’s always an exciting journey all the way.
    Never a dull moment in WA.

    1. I totally agree with you! When in my day it is time to work on my business I am so happy it is the best part of my day. Even more when I know this pay off. WA is definitely the best school to learn the online marketing world. Thank you Brian for your comment!

  4. You really explain this Wealthy Affiliate well. I’ve been wanting to start an online business but didn’t know where to get started. It was pointed out to me that affiliate marketing is the way to go but I didn’t even know that was a thing. I’m glad I found your site after doing some digging because I think this could be what I need to get started. I love that it’s free and that you get to go to Vegas. Thats so awesome. Thanks for your recommendation, i’ll be looking more into this.

    1. I’m really happy I could help you out. I wish you all the best with your futur business, I’m sure it will work great. Thank you for sharing Jay!

  5. What exactly is involved with wealthy affiliate. I understand I will need to build a website. Do we get the software needed to do that? like a page builder or something. Or is all this taught inside wealthy affiliate?

    Sorry for asking – not exactly tech minded.

    1. Hello Derek, thanks for your questions! In fact, inside Wealthy Affiliate you will be taught exactly how to build your website and the “software” is given by Wealthy Affiliate. You just have to follow the training and it all goes by itself. Hope it helped!

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