Turn Your Passion Into Money With A Simple Website

I know what you are thinking… You would like to turn your passion into money with a simple website AND create a nice passive income so that you could work whenever and wherever you want. Am I right? If I am, I think you will really like this article. It will explain you in detail what you have to do to create this stunning website and build your passive income.

There is one ”BUT” though, you’ll have to work hard and believe this thing can work out. If you don’t work and don’t believe it can work, just too bad it won’t. It makes me remember a book that I read… I don’t know if you know it? Think And Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill, you know? Really nice book, you should read it. 😉

Anyway, you know what you have to do! Now, just follow the steps below and your ”business” will get started! Yes, you read well, your BUSINESS! Creating a passive income, what do you think it is? 😉 So let’s go!

If you have any questions or issues, please let me know down below in the comments and I’ll make sure to answer you! 🙂

1. What is Your Passion?

Turn Your Passion Into Money With A Simple Website

First thing first, what is your passion? To turn a passion into money with a simple website you need… A passion, right? Or a hobby or anything that you like or that you are interested in. Find something that you would love to build a business with. This will be the main subject of your business, your starting point, let’s call it a niche.

It can be absolutely anything, the important point is that there is stuff to promote. If there is nothing to promote, you won’t be able to sell products and you won’t make money.

How do you know if there are products you can sell related to your passion (niche)?

Since your niche is something that you really appreciate or that you are really interested about, you should already know if there are products that you can sell related to it. But if you want to know more, you can take a look on Amazon, EBay or any other websites that are related to your niche. The websites you will check out, make sure they have an affiliate program.

What do you do once you have chosen your niche and that you have the confirmation you can sell products related to your niche?

You can make a quick research on your competition and see if there is a lot. Necessarily, on the web you will have competition on any niche but taking a quick look cannot be a bad thing. You will have a better idea of what is waiting for you in the big and amazing world of being an online entrepreneur!

Plus, knowing your competition will help you to choose subjects and products that maybe your competition didn’t think about. Being in a non-competitive niche for your first website (when the first one is working well, why not having more website!) will help you rank quickly (with the right techniques for sure) and will bring your website to more exposure. You’ll find it ”easier” to start.

Now that your niche is chosen, you found some products you’ll be able to promote and you have a better idea of your competition, you are ready to jump in, let’s go to the next step!

2. Who’s Going to Show You How To Build Your Website?

Turn Your Passion Into Money With A Simple Website

You thought you could turn your passion into money with a simple website ALONE?? Sorry but… You can try but… You’ll be so discouraged, you won’t know where to go, and what will you do when you’ll have a question? Don’t work on this alone, it will take you a lot more time than if you have the right resource.

So, who’s going to show you how to do it? Maybe you could check the university close to you if they have such a program like : ”Create a business online” or ”Turn your passion into money with a simple website”. Ahahah. Just kidding. If you really find such a program let me know.

The truth is, you cannot find a course on how to create a business online in a traditional school. You’ll have to look where the business is going on, which means ONLINE. But what is awesome is that in reality, you won’t have to look because I will tell you! Cool huh?

The BEST school you can find online to turn your passion into money with a simple website is Wealthy Affiliate. I won’t explain everything about it here since I already wrote a review about it so I suggest you read my review before jumping in but if you really want to start NOW (which is a great decision), just click the button below!

3. Which Platform Should You Use To Build Your Website?

Turn Your Passion Into Money With A Simple Website

This step is going to be short because Wealthy Affiliate works with WordPress and will teach you how to correctly use it. You can use another webhoster if you want or if you are already used to another one, but the school I recommended you is using WordPress.

There are many other platforms you can use to build a website, you just have to choose the right one for you. Although, if you follow the course given by Wealthy Affiliate, I highly recommend you build your website with WordPress. Training will be easier to follow and do. Anyway, WordPress works very well 🙂

4. Learn To Sell Products From Affiliate Programs

Turn Your Passion Into Money With A Simple Website

Now that you have your niche, know your competition, found a school to teach you how to turn your passion into money with a simple website and have a webhoster to create your website, you’ll be ready to learn how to monetize your website so that it can become a nice passive income.

Maybe you’ve already asked yourself if affiliate programs could be profitable. If you want more details, check out my post Are Affiliate Programs Profitable (Captain Obvious here you come…). Affiliate Programs are a good way to build a nice online business without having to support an inventory and deal with it. You should take a deeper look at my review 🙂

Online Entrepreneur Certification

In the nice and awesome school that Wealthy Affiliate is, you’ll find a course called ”Online Entrepreneur Certification”. This course will show you exactly how to start your website from scratch. You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to listen and apply what it is shown. Let’s see what the biggest WA members say about it :

Turn Your Passion Into Money With A Simple Website

It teaches you exactly how to sell products from affiliate programs. You’ll learn how to join Amazon Associate Program and include their products on your website so that you can make money out of it. You will also learn to join other affiliate programs so that you can earn money from various sellers. Many opportunities are there online and you must not miss them!

Making money out of affiliate programs isn’t hard, it just takes some work. Once you are started and keep working at it, traffic comes and sales too. You must not stop when you feel discouraged because you are closer to your goals than you’ve ever been.

Brief, you’ll learn MANY things to take advantage of affiliate programs. The sooner you start, the sooner money will be in your bank account.

5. Grow Your Traffic

Turn Your Passion Into Money With A Simple Website

To make money, you need to sell. To sell products, you need people to buy. To have people buying, you need traffic. And to have traffic you need… Good content!

Your website is created and you have your niche, now you have to CREATE content so that your website grow and gain authority. If you don’t have any content on your website, people won’t discover it or will just leave if they do. Anyway, without any content, Google won’t like it and will not make you rank (no content = nothing to rank for).

So the pattern is not really complicated, it looks as follows :

  1. Choose a niche;
  2. Build a website;
  3. Grow traffic;
  4. Make money.

Growing traffic is hard at the beginning because you don’t know how to do it. Like anything else in life, to be good at something you need to learn and practice. So don’t worry with the fact that you probably don’t know how to bring traffic to your site, you’ll learn everything about it and you’ll grow a nice website.

Once you get how it works, wow it just goes by itself! Here are a couple things I learned to grow my traffic :

Working online is not a secret, it can be learned like anything else, you just need to work and be patient. It’s not a get-rich-quick money making thing so if you thought you could make money within a week, you can leave this page and cry because you’ll never find such a thing. But if you are ready to put some effort because you want a better future, you want a future that YOU will have chosen, then go for it and start NOW!

6. Enjoy The Passive Income You’ve Created

Turn Your Passion Into Money With A Simple Website

Once your website is created and that you added some great and relevant content, you can expect to have some traffic later on. Like I said, you will have to be patient at the beginning because it doesn’t come easily but I can assure you that it will come.

When your traffic will start to increase, it will just continue to increase and increase, etc. Because this kind of business is exponential. The hardest part is the beginning because you are unknown, you don’t have much content and you have to prove to Google that you are serious about your website. Once Google will see that you share content that people want, your website will gain some authority and your position in Google will just keep increasing.

With a nice website like this that you have created, you can expect many sales that will give you the opportunity to leave your 9 to 5 job so that you can be full time on your website and just improve it so your sales keep increasing. Another option that you have is to start another website in another niche. And you can go like this! You can hire full-time writers so that you don’t have to write your content yourself, this way you can focus on other things to expend your business.

See, there are many things you can do online, the possibilities are limitless. If you don’t take the opportunity when it comes, when will you take it? I must admit that if I had known this school earlier I would have jumped in without any hesitation. This is the BEST thing that ever happened to me. I hope it will be as good to you as it is for me.

Are You Ready to Start?

Turn Your Passion Into Money With A Simple Website

I guess you now have a better idea on how you can turn your passion into money with a simple website, right? It is not hard, you just have to put some effort and time, then it will all go by itself. Let’s do a quick review of the 6 steps I showed you in this article :

  1. You need to find a passion, hobby or something you are really interested about to grow a business around it;
  2. You need an education to learn how to do it (Wealthy Affiliate);
  3. You need a platform like WordPress to build your website;
  4. Become a member with different affiliate programs to promote their products;
  5. Grow your traffic to increase your sales;
  6. Enjoy your passive income and scale your business to a higher level!

You’re all set now and ready to start a new adventure. I have to say, jump in and go for it! Stop waiting thinking that the better days will come. NO, it is right in front of you now, take it!

You have any questions or opinions about this article? Leave them below, I’ll make sure to answer you 🙂

So, have you taken a decision yet? Stop hesitating and TAKE ACTION!

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  1. How I wish I had seen a post like this years ago.
    I have spent loads of time and a fair amount of cash trying to get a website built (without success).
    Despite the claims of “free” websites that are talked of in the press there is always a price to pay that seems to grow quickly as you start.
    The idea of building my own website and learning as I go sounds cool.
    The possibility of making money from a site is a great bonus which you have described really well.

    Thank you for making things so clear.

  2. Great overview of the whole process! I think if you have a burning passion, the remaining steps are much easier. It’s usually when there isn’t any passion at all that it’s hard to come up with a website idea. I guess for the “growing your traffic” section, you could also mention social media since it is growing more and more into a big traffic source.

    1. Hi James,

      You’re right, with a passion it is much more easier to develop something about it. Also, thank you for sharing this idea about social medias, this is definitely an important part in traffic. I’ll make sure to add something about this. 🙂

  3. Nice! I really appreciate the way you break the steps down into manageable blocks of well worded instructions.

    It’s obvious that you are a competent woman who knows her stuff!

    Step 1 seems the easiest to me.

    Steps 4 – 6 seem like the ones that really separate the wheat from the chaff, because they are the ones that require work, patience, and more work!

    I am curious, tell me more!

  4. Hi,
    what an informative and well-explained article! Everything is clear and stips are easy to follow to really turn a passion into money with a simple website.
    And yes,
    I agree with you when you say that it is possible to turn your passion into money with a simple website. Yes, this is possible with Wealthy Affiliate. It is the only online platform I know that can help anyone who wants to build a solid online business foundation.

    1. Hi Sebastian,

      Effectively, after trying different programs on how to start an online business, Wealthy Affiliate is my #1. Easy to understand and follow, you can go to your rhythm and there are so many things to learn! WA is gold!

  5. I have wanted to be able to work online for a good year or so now, so that I can be free to travel and plan my own schedule, but it’ so hard to find legitimate opportunities! Thank you for promoting something that is real and can actually lead to income with time, and effort 🙂

  6. Really interesting! There are so many people out there that don’t realize how important a passive income is. After the initial work it is a very low maintenance way to supplement, or completely take over, your income. Great advice and I’m sure you will help many people by sharing your knowledge!

  7. I love your 6 steps to turn your passion into money using just a simple website. So I read on to find out.

    My passion is modern West African music. Do you think Wealthy Affiliate can help me build the right website for it? And is their platform robust enough? Can the platform help me sell African musical products like CDs, etc. on the site?

    I heard that the difficult part of running a business online was traffic. I hope I can be helped to do this very well.

    Yes, I’m ready to start to make my passive income.

    1. Hi Akoli,

      To answer your question, yes Wealthy Affiliate can totally help you build an amazing website around West African music. You’ll learn the best techniques to make it looks very attractive. Yes, it can be hard to grow a good traffic but with a little work and good training, it is totally possible!

      I know you can make it 🙂

  8. Great article! Becoming rich without doing anything is mostly not for everyone…unless you were born rich maybe. So working hard, daily discipline and self motivation is very important to every entrepeneur. Looking forward to your next article. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  9. I was really amazed when I finished reading this article.
    I’m really interested in starting my own online business then I google it.

    When I finished reading it, I realized that I finally got an answer to what I was really was looking for.
    The process you explained in this article is so clear and simple so that I can start it right away!

    Also, the platform you introduced to me looks really amazing! I will look around it.

    Thanks for the good article! it really helps me a lot:)

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