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Should I Change My Job – 6 Factors To Consider Before Taking a Final Decision

You are facing the dilemma: ”Should I change my job or quit for another one that maybe will be better?” I say maybe because it will not necessarily be better. In my opinion, you have to take many things into consideration before taking a final decision.

I had to face this question too back in the days and I must admit it is a hard decision. Sometimes, even by putting the rights and wrongs we just can’t find the right answer. Although, now I decided to start my own business.

Through this article, I want to look with you different factors that helped me make the right decision and I hope it will help you to take the right one for you.

If there is anything you would like to share, experiences, comments, opinions, don’t hesitate to leave them below in the comments. 🙂

Note: I put numbers for each factor but they are not necessarily important in this order, it really depends on you and your priorities.

Factor # 1: Salary

Should I Change My Job

An important factor to consider is the salary because yes, even if we often hear that money doesn’t create happiness, in the current world it is still something really important to consider to live easily and be comfortable.

A salary is a number with a lot of importance. But it is not more important than your own value. You must know what is your value and never accept a salary under your value. It can be hard to find your real value but you must take the time to find it. Here are some points you can take into consideration to find it :

  • Your experience in the specific domain;
  • Your education;
  • Your skills.

Your experience in the specific domain

Your experience is one of the most important factors in determining your value because it proves to employers that you know what you are talking about. An experience is priceless and it is something unique that you have. It will show your capabilities to handle different situations that could occur again in the future. Experience shows trust.

Your education

What you have learned at school or anywhere else is a basis and help you understand better how it works in this specific domain. It shows to employers that you know the subject in which you are applying for. Education is important to understand correctly what is going on but having just an education is most of the time, not enough.

Your skills

Through your experience and your education, you learned different skills that make you unique. You became good with different tasks and you can do them perfectly or at least in a very good way. These skills are your little secret which means that it’s what differentiates you from the others. They are very important in determining your value.

Once you’ve evaluated your value, you can first consider if the salary you are gaining at your actual job is okay. Changing job means restart at 0 maybe so don’t take this decision too easily. If your actual salary is fine, you should consider having the same salary at your new job or better.

The only reason why you should accept a salary under your value

If the other job you are looking for offers you a salary under your expectations but you still consider this job as a potential one, there must be other reasons to make this job a good opportunity. In fact, these other reasons (factors) are explained later in this post. The most important thing is to keep a good balance.


Another point to consider in the salary are the responsibilities you’ll have to handle. With a lot of responsibilities, you should expect a higher salary and vice versa. Don’t underestimate what you’ll have to do and consider absolutely everything. It will be part of your everyday job so you must be paid at fair value.

Factor #2: Working Conditions

Should I Change My Job

The second factor shown here are the working conditions. In what type of conditions are you working? Are they good? Bad? Can your life be in danger? I know it is not always possible to have this ”perfect” job where the temperature is always fine, you don’t have to do much physical effort, you can be sitting all day, take some breaks whenever you want, etc.

In fact, before changing your job you must evaluate the working conditions you have now VS the working conditions at your potential new job. Are they better or worse? Will you be happy to work every day in these conditions? Will you be very tired when you’ll get back home (it can be something important if you have kids for example)?
Asking yourself the right questions will help you make the right decision. Make sure you don’t accept a job that will be too hard on your health, you’re not living only for working, you must live for you and enjoy the things you love.

Factor # 3: How Many Hours/week

Should I Change My Job

How many hours are you working at your actual job? How many hours will you work at your new job?

Normally a work-week will be between 35h/week to 45h/week. 35h is nice because you have a lot of time for yourself, for your friends and family. 45h can be a little more rushing since you are working more and you’re having less time for the rest. You have to know how many hours you are ready to dedicate to your job considering all the other things in your life (family, friends, activities, time for you, side hustle, etc.).

I know it can be very interesting to have a bigger paycheck by working more, but make sure you take everything other than your job into consideration. For example, if you are on you’re own, alone and you want to make a lot of money then maybe it can be cool to work more.

You’ll start to see that every factor are linked together and you’ll have to take an overall decision.

P.S. If your new job pays less but makes you work more, be careful because working more for less is not necessarily a good thing even if you’ll have a bigger paycheck at the end.

Factor # 4: Location

Should I Change My Job

Another important point (in fact, every point is important.)! The location of your job is something you must consider because it can cost you money, which at the end of your week you have to subtract this money to your actual paycheck.


What money does it cost you? Fuel, car, mechanic, principally. It doesn’t look like this but these things can be very expensive week after week and fuel cost is coming higher and higher these days.

You have to ask yourself: Can I go to my job by walking? Do I have to travel for 1 hour? Will I be stuck in traffic if I take my car? Can I use public transports? Make a comparison with your actual jobs, maybe the new job pays more but you have to invest more money every week to get to your job… That’s not better!


Time is very valuable and it must not be forgotten. What if it takes you 1h30 to get to your job? And 1h30 to come back? 3 hours left in the garbage. 3 hours that you could have with your family. 3 hours that you could use for YOU! Think about it, this time is really important and it will never come back.

The location of your job is important because it cost you time and money. So never forget to consider this factor.

Factor #5: People You’re Working With

Should I Change My Job

Your co-workers play a big role in the reason why you would like to stay or not at a specific job. If I take an example of my experience, I used to work in McDonald’s. Everyone knows Mcdo’s and for the ones who worked there, you know that it is not an exciting job. But there was one single reason why I was staying even when I was tired of being there (except for the reason that I needed money) and it was because I really loved my co-workers, we were a really nice team and working with them was really cool even if the job was not cool at all.

On the other side, you can have a job that is really cool and have co-workers that are not cool. Every situation is different and you must consider this other factor. I know it can be hard to know with who you’ll be working in your next jobs, but at least you know who you are working with in your actual job. Maybe it can be something to help you take a decision.

I have another life experience to tell you about this. I had the choice to find a new job that maybe could have paid me more (more hours but lowest salary, at the still a bigger paycheck) or keep the job I had since a year and a half with a nice team, good salary and fewer hours per week. My choice was not that difficult, I chose the second option since I wouldn’t have to start from 0 with new co-workers.

It is not always easy to have good co-workers so when you do, you should try to keep them when it’s possible!

Factor #6: Impact On Your Moral

Should I Change My Job

This factor is kind of result of all the other factor. Let’s say your salary is not that good, neither are your working conditions, you work 45h per week, you have to drive one hour to get to your job and your co-workers are boring. This kind of situation will probably make you unhappy. And maybe that is the reason why you are thinking ”Should I change my job?”.

There could be many scenarios I could show you that could impact your moral and make you happy or unhappy, but I won’t because it depends on every person. It is important that you make a decision for YOU, not only for the better salary for example. I know you must consider also different factors, such as your family (boyfriend/girlfriend, kids, friends).

How you feel is probably one of the biggest factor you should consider because if you are not happy in what you are doing, your life is going to be really boring, you won’t be motivated to go to your jobs, this will reflect on people around you and it is not good, it is not healthy.

So when you are about to choose a job, make sure to consider how you feel in all this, don’t forget you are human and you have the right to BE HAPPY.

Will It Truly Be Better?

Should I Change My Job

This question definitely goes through our mind since we’re always looking to improve our lives and have the best job for us. Sometimes, because we are very tired of our jobs, we think that finding another job will be better for us but it is not always the case.

Sometimes, changing your job is not the solution. Before taking any decision, you should analyze what you have now and see what you don’t like, what makes you want to change your job. Because sometimes it is possible to fix it before you have to leave. Changing job will have an impact on your life and sometimes there are just tiny little things that we don’t like and could fix.

When you’re asking yourself ”Should I change my job?” you should also ask yourself ”What could I change at my job so that I could be happier with it?”. Go through every factor I talked about and ask yourself some questions, we’re never asking ourselves enough questions.

So after you’ve analyzed each factors you can ask yourself ”Will it truly be better?”.

Find The Right Balance

It’s all about balance. Sometimes, you’ll have some factors that will make it looks very attracting but in fact, it is not really. You really have to choose a job where you’ll be happy and confident, do not only choose it for one or two factor(s), except if they are very heavy in the balance.

Finding the right balance can be hard but it is always possible when you take the time to check what is in front of you. Take a good night of sleep without thinking about it and come back the next morning with a fresh mind ready to consider every factor.

Always remember to choose something for yourself and not only for the money.

No job is perfect. You must remember that. Whatever the job you’ll do, there will always be something that you won’t like so don’t focus on this little thing and focus on the things you like about it, maybe it will help you make your decision.

SOFF Has Something For You

Should I Change My Job

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I hope this article helped you make a good decision and if you have anything you would like to share, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments below 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Should I Change My Job – 6 Factors To Consider Before Taking a Final Decision

  1. “The grass looks always greener on the other side!” I really like this list: You’ve shown exactly what it means to change employment. It’s not always just better, there are many factors that go into this. It might look like all we need is a new job, but deep down the problem could be something completely different.

    Another thing is that finding a new job takes a lot of time… Writing CVs, sending applications, going to job interviews (oftentimes even multiple interviews for the same position), travelling. All these things take tremendous time and also mental energy. Maybe we can use this time to build something that makes us happy? As you’ve suggested, there are alternatives like creating an online business. But maybe we even have a hobby that we can take more seriously and try to turn it into a side income. People earn a living with the strangest, and most creative ideas nowadays. Maybe, instead of investing all this time and energy into finding a new job, maybe investing the same time and energy into a new project will make us happier in the long run.

    Sorry for rambling, but this article got me thinking a lot haha!

    1. Hi James,

      Definitely you are right, you mentioned many things that must be considered in the change of a new job in addition to the ones I proposed. This is where another question comes in ”Will it truly be worth it?” Sometimes, you better take this time to build something that will give you the chance to be completely free later on. The problem is that people don’t see this ”later on”, they want it right now. Although, there are some amazing opportunities online that give us the chance to build the future we deserve.

      Thank you James for sharing these precious informations!

  2. I have been looking to change my job for a while, the commute is long and the salary isnt great. I like the people, but the job is sucking the life out of me.
    I am going to have a look at wealthy affiliate and see if this something i could perhaps do part time while i work, until i earn enough to leave.

    1. Hi Jimish,

      If you’re not happy in your job and the only factor that keeps you there are the people, maybe considering changing it could be a good idea. Although, if you are not sure, you can highlight the rights and wrongs and see what it gives you. One sure thing is that you must take a decision for you and your happiness. Otherwise, you will never be happy. Sure, take a look at Wealthy Affiliate, it is completely free and it is a great opportunity that maybe (probably) will give you the chance to leave your job and not think about it anymore!

      Thank you for sharing 🙂

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