Make Money Only With An Internet Connection

Hello! You probably found my page because you are looking for an awesome job that you could do from home, hein? Well, you’ve clicked on the right page because in this article I want to share with you various working from home opportunities that maybe you could start a living out of it. I will share with you a scale of difficulty (out of 10, 10 being very difficult) for each of them so that you can consider starting it out or not.

Wouldn’t it be cool to work whenever and wherever you want? I guess it would, so let’s dive in!

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The Internet is Full Of Money

Make Money Only With An Internet Connection

I want to start by introducing you to the big internet world. Because yes, internet is probably one of the things that governs most of us, either the simplest customer (me and you) to the biggest merchant (Amazon, Walmart, EBay, etc).

Make money only with an internet connection has never been so easy since there are so many possibilities online. Yes sure, you can start painting if you are really good at it and then you could sell your paintings but in 2019, you would probably use internet to reach a bigger audience and be able to sell your stuff. My point is, whatever you will decide to do, you will rely on internet to grow bigger and be able to live from it (if it is what you want).

Let me show you some statistics about the Internet users :

Make Money Only With An Internet Connection

In this chart above, the line that interest us is the orange one ”Individuals using the internet” with 51.2% of users in 2018. That means that half the population (7,534 billions/2 = 3,767 billions) uses internet either for social media, buying stuff, selling stuff, reading stuff, etc. This is HUGE! Can you imagine all the money spent on this internet?

This is why I was telling you that if you decide to work from home in 2019, you WILL use internet to gain some visibility. Now let’s check out some ideas that you can do on the internet to benefit from all this money.

1. Start a Blog, Generate Traffic

Make Money Only With An Internet Connection

One thing you can do is start a blog on a subject you are really interested about or that you would like to learn more. Generally, the main goal of a blog is to share with a specific audience on a subject, either give them advice, recommend them specific products or just having a discussion. You have to answer a need this audience has so that it is interested in your posts.

To start a blog you need :

  • Consistency;
  • Determination;
  • Believe in your writing (not only writing for writing, you get me);
  • Patience;
  • Desire to help, not sell.

These are the main ”qualities” necessary to be able to start a blog and do it properly. For sure, there is way more but if you can keep these in mind you’ll be on the right track.

An amazing thing of starting your own blog is that you’re free to design your website as you want, with your own colors and pictures. The more personalized it will be, the more it can be attractive for your visitors to come back (your content must be interesting too!)

I would qualify this working from home opportunity with a difficulty of 6/10. This means that it is not hard, but you need the right tools and a lot of effort to make something out of it.

Now you are probably asking yourself how you can start you own blog, right? It is true that if you have never done that it can be pretty hard to find where to start. Don’t worry, I have thought about your struggle and that is why I will recommend you an amazing platform explaining you exactly how to do it. PLUS, it shows you how to transform your simple BLOG into a real money maker website! Also, don’t be scare with the payment stuff because it is TOTALLY FREE for the first 7 days so it will give you time to see if you can like it or not.

2. Learn To Play With The Market (Forex, Crypto)

Make Money Only With An Internet Connection

The second work from home opportunity that you can do is learn how to trade the Forex and Crypto market. This is one of the biggest market you can find online, we talk about 5,1 billions dollars traded each day. I mean, you could work either from your cellphone, your tablet or your computer and make tons of money! This is the kind of job you want to make money only with an internet connection since you can do it absolutely everywhere.

I have to admit though that it is not an easy job, I would qualify this activity with a difficulty of 9/10. Why 9 and not 10? Because even if it is hard to learn how to play, it is totally possible since there are many successful traders in the world.

This is a job that doesn’t only ask a good training because the biggest traders aren’t good only with prediction, in fact the forex market is unpredictable. The good traders are good because they know when it’s time to lose and when it’s time to win.

Forex is a huge opportunity that many will try but unfortunately they will stop because they lost everything they had to start or even more… This is why it is not something to take lightly. To perform in this world you need a perfect control of your emotions, the market doesn’t care if you lose or win.

In fact, the only battle you will have in the Forex world (or Crypto) is the one against yourself. Like I said, the market doesn’t care, it only goes with the law of the economy.

I know it is probably not the most interesting opportunity that you could find but I wanted to share it with you anyway since there is a lot of possibilities to make money on this platform. If you would like to know a school to learn how to play the Forex market (or Crypto), check out my last article about iMarketsLive, the school of these powerful markets!

3. Online Marketing, The Biggest Expansion In The Virtual World!

Make Money Only With An Internet Connection

The third and the last I will talk about is the Online Marketing world. This is HUGE too. In the past years, online marketing has grown so much that now we don’t know how to separate the spam from the real. This is sad because there are many interesting businesses in this crazy (but amazing) world.

First, what is online marketing?

”Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from websites or emails.”

This is the first definition that comes out when I type : ”Online marketing definition”. It says basically everything. Doing marketing online. Why not? You have Wi-Fi at home so you could work from your house, either inside or outside (if the weather permits it) and whenever you want! Isn’t this wonderful? Have you ever wished to have that kind of life where you can do what you love when you want? Enjoy more time with your friends and family? If I talk for myself, I wished.

Anyway, let’s talk about Online Marketing. In fact, it is a very large subject. I mean you can do affiliate marketing, you can be an associate with Amazon (or any other companies that has an associate program), etc.

Maybe you don’t feel like Affiliate Marketing is for you, but I have to tell you, yes you can work it out. Anybody who really wants it can work it out and make a living out of affiliate marketing. You just have to choose the right program for you. An important point though is that there are so many of them on the internet, it is harder and harder to find one ”legit”. We have to read a lot about the specific business and learn more about its background so that it is not another scam one.

I admit, they are not all legit. A lot of them are spam. Take as many information as you can so that you can make the right choice. There I listed a couple of business that works with affiliate program :

They are not all good, but they serve various products, that’s where you need to choose the one for you.

I have to be honest with you, the BEST affiliate program I know until now is called Wealthy Affiliate (the first one in my list…). Why? You should read my review about it. It gives you all the tools you need to become a successful online marketer. For this reason, I would qualify this opportunity as an ”easy” one (compared to the 2 others) with a difficulty of 5/10. Because if you know how to choose wisely your business program, you can grow very fast as an online marketer. *subtle message* πŸ˜‰

My Last Word

Now! Different choices hein! Well, I didn’t tell you much actually because the internet is so big with so many opportunities, it would be hard to know them all. But I think you are now ready to choose the path that fits you the most. Whatever you decide to do, it is important that you appreciate doing it, otherwise it will be a pain in the… Because to succeed you need to put some time and effort.

If I talk for myself, I decided to choose the online marketing world because it is so large and I can do so much stuff! And, I have plenty of training telling me exactly what to do to help me become successful. I choose the right one for me. Now, it is your turn to choose the one for you.

It is never too late, you just have to take action!

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  1. Good and informative article! I am also working from home at the moment and there are some good facts and new ideas here. Investing in cryptocurrencies is a really interesting opportunity. I also think that Wealthy Affiliate is a good starting point if you want to do Affiliate Marketing.

    1. Thank you Joonas for sharing your thoughts! Hope everything is going well for you. In fact, some say cryptocurrency is the next virtual money for the future. Can’t wait to see what will happen with this in a near future.

      Definitely, Wealthy Affiliate is a very interesting platform for anyone who wants to try online marketing. No credit card needed and 7 free days with access to the first lessons! Perfect course to start!

  2. Great read and you did a great job to break down the different work from home methods. Naturally the affiliate marketing reads like the best and believe you me I am soaking it all in. I will be back to read the rest as I am interested in more of your topics. Feel free to visit your content family at

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