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Is iMarketsLive Legit – The Truth Has Spoken

Is iMarketsLive Legit

Are you a fan of numbers? Do you like to analyze numbers and their behavior? If you know forex trading and you would like to learn how to trade, iMarketsLive exists to show you how it works and how to grow a business out of it.

So many people want to learn Forex but they give up when they have lost too much money and they think it is not for them. It is mainly not because it is not for them, but because they are not correctly taught how it works. They don’t know how to play the game. This is where iMarketsLive comes in, they teach you the rules and how to play.

So here in Is iMarketsLive Legit – The Truth Has Spoken, I want to present you a brief review of this company so that you are able to decide whether it interests you or not. Feel free to leave me your opinion/experience on this company in the comments below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate!

General Informations

Name : iMarketsLive
Owner : Christopher Terry
Website :
Price : Platinum package $225 first time then $164.95 per month
Rating : 3.4/5

Is iMarketsLive Made For You?

Is iMarketsLive Legit

Well, if you are looking for a school teaching Forex trading, bitcoin or everything that touches the trading world, definitely iMarketsLive could help you out. But is it made for you?

I would say, anything can be for you, it only depends on you. Trading is one the hardest thing to learn and to apply correctly but anyone who really wants it will become a successful trader. I suggest you read the chapters below to see if this school can fit you well 🙂

Are There Training And Tools At iMarketsLive?

Is iMarketsLive Legit

The answer is YES, and there is a lot of them. If you want to isolate yourself for two weeks and just watch videos, webinars, etc, you can. There are tons of training to teach you how to trade. It is the big school to enter the trading world. Let’s see in brief what are their services.

IML Academy

Basically, this is all the training videos that you can watch to learn. They are not live, it is recorded video and you can watch them whenever you want. There are more than 100 videos and they are categorized by beginner, intermediate and advanced. You choose your level.

It is step by step module so that you can follow them easily and become a master in the trading world.

*It is included in the platinum package ($225 1st month and $164.95 for the next months).


This part is similar to the IML Academy but it is live videos with the masters of trading. Again, it is available in different levels (basic to advanced). Around 1000 hours per month! Also available in 8 languages and even more are coming.

*It is included in the platinum package ($225 1st month and $164.95 for the next months).

Harmonic Scanner

This is a tool to scan harmonic patterns. It gives you information about the entry, the risk point and targets. Also, it caters to multiple trading style.

*It is included in the platinum package ($225 1st month and $164.95 for the next months).

Web Analyser

This is another tool to analyze the market but it works differently. It works in real time and gives you strategies to do the good move in your trades.

*This tool is not included in the platinum package, it costs $21.95/month (fee added to the monthly payment).

Swipe Trades

This is a really amazing tool. In fact, it is a mobile app that tells you exactly what trade to do in the Forex. These trades are defined by the professional traders and it exists so that you can practice yourself to understand how the market works. It works most of the time but you have to understand that it is possible that it doesn’t work sometimes.

*This amazing tool is not included in the platinum package and costs $21.95/month (fee added to the monthly payment).

Swipe Coins

This tool is the same concept as Swipe Trades but it is for cryptocurrency.

*This one is more expensive and costs 49.95/month since is it not included in the platinum package (fee added to the monthly payment).

iMarketsLive has a lot of services to teach you and help you become a successful trader, you just need to put the time and effort in. For sure, it can become expensive when you add all the extension (web analyzer, swipe trades and swipe coins) but you must take what you need.

One sure thing is that you have all the tools you need to learn how to trade!

iMarketsLive And It’s Affiliate Program

Now, yes you can learn how to trade forex and crypto but that’s not it, you can also promote the company and earn commissions out of your recommendations. You can see it as a “bonus” since you will make money as a trader.

Here is a picture showing the different steps you can reach through their affiliate program. The more you promote, the more you earn money.

Is iMarketsLive Legit

It can be interesting if you want to add an income to your initial income. If your decide to promote iMarketsLive you will be as a “IBO” and you decide to only use their services, you are a “customer”.

IMarketsLive Overview : Pros And Cons

Is iMarketsLive Legit

Pros :

  • A LOT of various training of all levels;
  • It is a big family where people are there to help you;
  • Possible to work only with your phone;
  • Work whenever and wherever you want, you only need internet connection.

Cons :

  • Expensive to start when you haven’t experienced the product yet;
  • Expensive if you want all the tools to practice and learn;
  • Trading can be harder to learn than other type of online experience.

Our Final Opinion : Is iMarketsLive Legit?

Now, what does School-Of-Financial-Freedom think about iMarketsLive?

iMarketsLive is probably one of the best school to learn how to trade. Other than that, if you want to learn how to trade you don’t really have the choice to read books by yourself and practice as much as you can. So no, I would not say it is a scam, it even seems really cool.

For sure, there are probably other schools than iMarketsLive but I don’t think they have all these interesting tools and services. With all these services, there is no reason you don’t succeed as a trader, it only depends on you. For that, I think it is an amazing school. Also, you can work/learn whenever and wherever you want, you only need an internet connection, so that is really cool.

The only thing I find “not cool” about iMarketsLive is the price. When you start, you don’t know the company and you don’t know if you would like the trading world. For that, I find it really expensive.

I would say get in if you are sure you would like to trade. Remember that it is a really hard job and it is hard for the nerves but it is possible.

The affiliate program is interesting but not enough. It becomes really interesting when you have at least 75 people in your team. For affiliate programs, I know one that is way better than this one.

Hope you liked this review, please don’t hesitate to share your opinion/experience in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Is iMarketsLive Legit – The Truth Has Spoken

  1. I had never heard of this until I read your review, I did some research on Google and could not find any real positive reviews about this product.

    It seems very expensive to me and there are other ways to learn how to trade on the market. I don’t like the look of this at all. So great review as it informs anybody looking at this what all the hidden cost are.

    Lots of up sells and as always there seem to be more people making money promoting this than there are people actually making money trading.

    I am quite knowledgeable about stock markets and the truth is, it does not matter what tools you have, the best traders use their instincts and years of experience to make money trading

    There is always great risk in trading no mater what tools and training you have

    Very comprehensive review



    1. Thank you for your comment Barry! You are totally right, no matter what your tools are, the best traders win because of their instinct and experience. Happy you liked my review!

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