Is iMarketsLive Legit


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Are you a fan of numbers? Do you like to analyze numbers and their behavior? Either if you know forex trading or not, iMarketsLive exists to show you how it works and how to grow a business out of it. 

So many people want to learn Forex but they give up when they have lost too much money and they think it is not for them. It is mainly not because it is not for them, but because they are not correctly taught how it works. They don’t know how to play the game. This is where iMarketsLive comes in, they teach you the rules and how to play. So far, it sounds good, but let’s learn a little more about IML…

So here in Is iMarketsLive Legit – The Truth Has Spoken, I want to present you a brief review of this company so that we can find the truth behind its face : Is iMarketsLive Legit? You’ll see that in this review I show the facts directly and I don’t wait for it. It’s your choice to read until the end but if you want all the information, I suggest you do. I want you to clearly see what’s going on before you join!

Feel free to leave me your opinion/experience on this company in the comments below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate 🙂

General Informations

Name : iMarketsLive
Owner : Christopher Terry
Website :
Price : Platinum package $225 first time then $164.95 per month
Rating : 3.0/5

What Is iMarketsLive And Can It Be For You?

Is iMarketsLive Legit

What is iMarketsLive (iML)?

At first, iMarketsLive shows itself as being the number 1 ”school” for trading. It gives many training and live webinars to teach techniques to use in the forex market and in the bitcoin one. But behind these services hide a MLM company. Agree or not, it is a MLM company because iML seriously encourage their members to become an IBO (Independent Business Owner) which is its ”affiliate program” (to know more about affiliate programs, check my article here).

So in brief, iML proposes training to learn how to trade but in revenge it highly recommend to become an affiliate. But why would it so much want to recommend its affiliate program? Simply because in any markets, there is not 100% of users who win, it’s impossible. Where there are winners, there are losers. You cannot expect that 100% of their ”students” will become pros at trading so what’s left to make money? Its affiliate program. I’ll cover this affiliate program in a next chapter.

Is iML made for you?

Well, if you are looking for a school teaching Forex trading, cryptocurrency or everything that touches the trading world, definitely iMarketsLive could help you out. But is it worth the $164.95 monthly fee? At the end, you’ll be able to answer this question.

Okay I will tell you one thing that I learned when I started to learn trading and maybe it will help you : Trading is one of the hardest things to learn and to apply correctly. The biggest part of the game is in your head so even with the best tools to learn, it doesn’t mean you will become good at it and make a lot of money. 

By joigning iML, if you’re not good with trading what will be left for you will be the affiliate program which means that you’ll have to harass people to start trading but in fact, you know deep inside you that they will have to start recommending this program too if they want to make money. Plus, you’ll make more money if they become an IBO so trading won’t be your #1 focus anymore. See? iML doesn’t really care about its school, this is only its marketing to bring more people in.

Still, I want to show you the different tools it offers because maybe they are the tools you are waiting for. Plus, you’ll find some information about its affiliate program. So let’s continue to discover this company!

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Are There Training And Tools At iMarketsLive?

Is iMarketsLive Legit

The answer is YES, and there is a lot of them. If you want to isolate yourself for two weeks and just watch videos, webinars, etc, you can. There are tons of training to teach you how to trade. It is a big school to enter the trading world. Let’s see in brief what are their services.

IML Academy

Basically, this is all the training videos that you can watch to learn. They are not live, it is recorded video and you can watch them whenever you want. There are more than 100 videos and they are categorized by the beginner, intermediate and advanced. You choose your level.

It is step by step module so that you can follow them easily and become a master in the trading world.

*It is included in the platinum package ($225 1st month and $164.95 for the next months).


This part is similar to the IML Academy but it is live videos with the masters of trading. Again, it is available in different levels (basic to advanced). Around 1000 hours per month! Also available in 8 languages and even more are coming.

*It is included in the platinum package ($225 1st month and $164.95 for the next months).

Harmonic Scanner

This is a tool to scan harmonic patterns. It gives you information about the entry, the risk point and targets. Also, it caters to multiple trading style.

*It is included in the platinum package ($225 1st month and $164.95 for the next months).

Web Analyser

This is another tool to analyze the market but it works differently. It works in real time and gives you strategies to do the good move in your trades.

*This tool is not included in the platinum package, it costs $21.95/month (fee added to the monthly payment).

Swipe Trades

This is a really amazing tool. In fact, it is a mobile app that tells you exactly what trade to do in the Forex. These trades are defined by the professional traders and it exists so that you can practice yourself to understand how the market works. It works most of the time but you have to understand that it is possible that it doesn’t work sometimes.

*This amazing tool is not included in the platinum package and costs $21.95/month (fee added to the monthly payment).

Swipe Coins

This tool is the same concept as Swipe Trades but it is for cryptocurrency.

*This one is more expensive and costs $49.95/month since is it not included in the platinum package (fee added to the monthly payment).

iMarketsLive has a lot of services to teach you and help you become a successful trader, you just need to put the time and effort in. Like I explained, definitely not eveyone will become succesful with trading. If you have not tried trading before, you should try on a DEMO account to see if you can like it. You’ll see that it’s not as easy as it seems… 

Now, let’s answer one of the questions which was : are the $164.95 monthly fees worth it? In my opinion and ONLY in my opinion, no. Think about it, $164.95 minimum (because you can add add-ons) EACH MONTH. Honestly, there are many other programs online that can offer services and teaching lessons on trading for less than that. Or you can find websites where they share informations for free. 

Trading is not about strategies, trading is a battle against yourself. You won’t find this in any school or teaching program. While I was learning the forex, I’ve been suggested online a book that helped many traders to know themselves better and become better at trading because they learned how to let go of their emotions. This book is Trading in the Zone. If you think about joining iMarketsLive, you should take a look at this book before.

”Douglas uncovers the underlying reasons for lack of consistency and helps traders overcome the ingrained mental habits that cost them money.  He takes on the myths of the market and exposes them one by one teaching traders to look beyond random outcomes, to understand the true realities of risk, and to be comfortable with the “probabilities” of market movement that governs all market speculation.” 


iMarketsLive And It’s Affiliate Program

Now, let’s take a look at this ”affiliate program”. I have to be honest, through different MLM companies I saw, this is probably one of the most interesting one. Let me tell you the 2 reasons why :

  1. iML pays every week which is pretty cool;
  2. The amount paid are interesting, but necessarily at the beginning it’s not that high.

Here is a picture showing the different steps you can reach through their affiliate program. The more you promote, the more you earn money.

See? iML has an interesting ”affiliate program” because that’s what it wants, people coming in. And if you don’t think it’s a MLM company, take a look at the picture I shared, we clearly see that the more comes in under your sponsorship, the more money you make. 

Is iMarketsLive Legit

IMarketsLive Overview : Pros And Cons

Is iMarketsLive Legit

Pros :

  • A LOT of various training of all levels;
  • It is a big family where people are there to help you;
  • Possible to work only with your phone;
  • Work whenever and wherever you want, you only need internet connection.

Cons :

  • Expensive to start when you haven’t experienced the product yet;
  • Expensive if you want all the tools to practice and learn;
  • Trading can be HARDER to learn than other type of online experience;
  • Trading is HARD;

Do you get it?

Our Final Opinion : Is iMarketsLive Legit?

Now, what does School-Of-Financial-Freedom think about iMarketsLive? 

iMarketsLive can be a good school to learn how to trade, but I don’t think it is the best. Like I explained, it is possible for you to learn trading online through free services or by reading the right books. 

Plus, the monthly fees are very high to start in something that is not guaranteed you will succeed. At this price, I would like to be sure I’ll make money after 6 months, but that cannot be a certainty.  

People think that trading is easy and one thing I don’t like about iML is that it shows trading like if it was. That’s not true, trading is not for everyone. You must learn to know yourself very well to become good at this and this is the hardest task to do. 

Is iMarketsLive Legit? SOFF’s opinion is no for all the reasons explained in this review. You can definitely learn trading elsewhere for less without having the struggle to recommend the program to many people. 

I hope this review helped you understand more what iMarketsLive is about and that you’ll be able to take a thoughtful decision. If you have any experiences, comments or opinions you’d like to share, just leave them in the comments below. 🙂

If you are still here it’s because you are looking for a way to make money other than with your full-time job and I totally understand you. Me too I wanted to quit this job that didn’t make me free at all. Now I can say it is possible since I started the amazing training at Wealthy Affiliate, definitely the BEST school online for learning affiliate marketing. Building a business online has no more secret for me and its million members.

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  1. I had never heard of this until I read your review, I did some research on Google and could not find any real positive reviews about this product.

    It seems very expensive to me and there are other ways to learn how to trade on the market. I don’t like the look of this at all. So great review as it informs anybody looking at this what all the hidden cost are.

    Lots of up sells and as always there seem to be more people making money promoting this than there are people actually making money trading.

    I am quite knowledgeable about stock markets and the truth is, it does not matter what tools you have, the best traders use their instincts and years of experience to make money trading

    There is always great risk in trading no mater what tools and training you have

    Very comprehensive review



    1. Thank you for your comment Barry! You are totally right, no matter what your tools are, the best traders win because of their instinct and experience. Happy you liked my review!

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