Are you a fan of nutrition, well-being, and active life? If so, maybe you’ve heard about Herbalife. It is one of the most popular companies offering global nutrition products. But Is Herbalife a Scam?

In this short review, I want to take a more in-depth look at what this company consists of and highlight the pros and cons. I want to help you to understand better what joining Herbalife means (becoming an Independent Herbalife Member) and be aware of what it involves. Although, if you’re just wondering if the products are worth the purchase, I’ll take a quick look at them. I’ve discovered this company lately (even if it’s in operation for more than 35 years), and I thought it could be a good idea to do a review with you.

If you have any experiences, questions, comments or opinions you would like to share, leave them in the comments below. Let’s start!

General Information

Name: Herbalife
Founder: Mark R. Hughes
Price: $72.10 or $129.50 depending on the package your choose (this price is for becoming an Independent Herbalife Member)
Rating: 4.3/5

About Herbalife

Is Herbalife a Scam

One of the most important things to look for in a company is where it comes from. It helps build trust and customers are more likely to buy products from this company. For this reason, I’ll take a quick look at the story of this company.

Short Story

Herbalife was founded in 1980 by Mark R. Hughes, who died in 2000 from an accidental overdose after mixing alcohol with a “toxic level” of antidepressants. Sad story, but still, this company continues to grow each year. In 2015, its shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange gave net sales of $4.5 billion. The company has over 8000 employees worldwide. The company is making money, that’s good!


Herbalife’s products are in the niche of nutrition, weight-management, energy and fitness, and personal care. They are available through Independent Herbalife Members in more than 90 countries. So, to buy products from Herbalife, you need to buy from a member. You cannot buy from the company directly or in-store. 

“We are committed to addressing the global obesity epidemic by offering high-quality products, one-on-one coaching with an Herbalife Member and a community that inspires customers to live a healthy, active life.” 

Business Opportunity

Herbalife has many high-quality products to purchase (which is essential for a company to have), but they also have a business opportunity that is becoming an Independent Herbalife Member. I won’t elaborate too much since I will talk about it a bit in the next chapter, but you become a Herbalife distributor. It means that you will be one of those who sell Herbalife products to customers. 

Overall, it’s easy to see that this company has made her proof through time, and today, in 2019, she’s growing more than ever. The information was easy to find on the website, and it was clear. I can say that for trustability, Herbalife got it right. However, it’s necessary to take a more in-depth look at its business model because an accessible story doesn’t necessarily make it legit (even if it helps a lot)! So is Herbalife a Scam? Let’s discover this!

Herbalife Business Model

Is Herbalife a Scam

This company’s business model is quite attractive. Again, the basics information is available on their website, and no secrets hidden. When a company is that transparent, it is an excellent sign. So, let’s take a look at what I found about their business model. 

Being a Customer

First, you can be a regular customer and only buy products from Herbalife if you want to. You don’t need to be a member to make any purchase. Since Herbalife products are not available in stores, if you are interested in buying Herbalife products, you have two solutions:

  1. Contact someone you know who sells Herbalife products (an Independent Herbalife Member) or;
  2. Go on the Herbalife website and look for an IHM to sell products to you. You will have to fill a form, and an IHM will contact you. You can find the form here

Becoming an Independent Herbalife Member (IHB)

Second, this is where the MLM (multi-level marketing) comes in, let’s take a look. On their website, they are truly transparent, and they share valuable information about their business opportunity, such as :

  • World-class Company that Supports Your Business;
  • Transparent Distribution Model;
  • Competitive Compensation Plan;
  • Training Programs to Help You Start and Grow Your Own Business;
  • Products Based on Proven Nutrition Science;
  • High-Profile Athletic Partnerships;
  • Commitment to Social Responsibility.

The titles say much, but if you are interested in learning more about these characteristics, you can find them here.

A business that shows this directly on its website without hiding it is a business that wants to develop trust with their customers and/or with their IHB (trustability +1). 

I also found a short document answering the most frequent questions, which I will make a quick resume of the answers. If you want to see the complete answer, you can click here.

What is an Herbalife Nutrition Membership?

As a member, you will have a discount on Herbalife products. So, if you are just a regular customer, you will pay less to have these products. However, since you buy the products with a discount, you can re-sell these products at the “normal” price to other customers. It’s at this moment that the IHM takes its meaning, although you don’t have an obligation to sell the products. Another option exists for you as a member; you can recruit new members who would like to have a discount on Herbalife products. This is where the MLM takes its meaning.

What Should I Know About the Business Opportunity?

 The only required purchase is the initial membership kit:

  • Herbalife Nutrition Member Pack – Mini ($72.10) OR;
  • Herbalife Nutrition Member Pack ($129.50).

You can set up your own schedule, and you can work part-time or full-time, depending on your availability. Herbalife precise that there are no guarantees that you will earn money; it all depends on you (and I must admit it’s true whatever the business you work on). 

What if it doesn’t work for me?

It’s possible that this business is not for you, so Herbalife gives you the possibility to cancel your account without any penalties. If you are still in your first year, you can receive a full refund of your Herbalife Member Pack.

These are the main questions asked, but if you would like to read more questions & answers, you can find the short document here

So, at Herbalife, you have the choice; be a customer or seller. Their system is not so complicated, and it is clear. No hidden information; everything is accessible (trustability +1).

Pros And Cons

Pros and Cons - Is Herbalife a Scam


  1. The information about the company and its program is accessible and transparent;
  2. Worldwide company;
  3. First membership kit not too expensive;
  4. You can work on your own as an IHM;


  1. MLM business model (not recommended).

Honestly, I cannot find any other cons to this company with what I know. However, I have never been an Independent Herbalife Member, so it is hard for me to take a position and tell you precisely what is going on inside. This is one of the main reasons the in-depth review that you are currently reading is essential.

Is Herbalife a Scam?

Now, the $1000 question: Is Herbalife a Scam?

After reading this review, would you say it’s a scam? I would not. With what I have read and found, and you can see it with my pros and cons, I don’t have many arguments to call it a scam, but I have some to call it legit:

  1. It’s easy to find where this company comes from;
  2. You can be a regular customer without any obligation;
  3. You can be a regular customer with discounts by becoming a member;
  4. You can use these discounts to buy products, and instead of using these products for yourself, you can sell them and build a business;
  5. By being a member, you can recruit new members and receive revenue from this recruitment.

The more I could find information on this company, the more I felt confident. With an MLM business model, I rarely feel that way. I think what I like the most is the fact that you don’t have an obligation to recruit new members to become successful with Herbalife. You can only sell their products if you want to and make money out of this.

Another thing I liked a lot is the transparency of the company. I mean, everything I was looking for is findable, and if for any reason I need more information, I can contact them. In the document I showed you earlier, they even say: “You cannot earn money by only recruiting or only sponsoring someone.” What that means is that they sincerely don’t focus on the recruitment, it is not their priority, and this is pretty rare for an MLM business model. If you don’t call this transparency, then I don’t know what it is!

Overall, if Herbalife interests you, I would tell you to go for it! It seems like a legitimate company to me, and if you don’t like it, you can cancel your membership anytime. If you want to make a difference in your life and that you love Herbalife, jump in!

Another Solution If Your #1 Goal Is To Make Money

Is Herbalife a Scam

However, if the main reason you are interested in entering an MLM business model is to create another source of income or even create a full-time income so that you can become you’re own boss, there is another solution. This solution is affiliate marketing. Now, you must ask yourself what the difference between multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing is, right? Since all these words are close to each other, let me explain to you what affiliate marketing is.

Google’s definition is ”marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.” There are many keywords in this definition. Let’s check out my definition: ”promoting products or services through a website from a seller in exchange for commissions on these sales.” Finally, in other words, you’re going to be a salesman promoting different products or services to receive commissions and make money.

Affiliate marketing is not complicated and is full of opportunities online. Do you know the number of people who are buying online? No? Me neither, but I know there are several millions of them. What if you could potentially profit from all these sales? Absolutely anyone can do it with a little will. The toughest part is to know where to start and how to do it. Great news, learning affiliate marketing is like learning how to write and read; you sit down, you listen to the lesson and practice and practice and practice. What lesson?

You can find the best lessons in the best training for affiliate marketing that I found on the web. This training is part of Wealthy Affiliate, a platform for online entrepreneurs who want to grow an online business through affiliate marketing.

I personally took this training called the Online Entrepreneur Certification, and it changed my life. Making money through affiliate marketing has no more secret for me! It was the best decision I could make for my future.

I hope this review helped you understand better what is going on with Herbalife. Do not hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any questions or opinions you would like to share. πŸ™‚

Your friend,


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  1. Hi Audrey,
    What a thorough review of Herbalife. I have just read about this product through your website. And it seems that HERBALIFE is a company that has been able to create more trust and seems to be perfect for MLM fans.
    However, I think that Affiliate marketing is the best way to go because MLM business does not have a good reputation. Especially when you don’t have enough experience on how to recruit it’s very difficult to make money in this industry. Do you know any Affiliate marketing training platform where I can learn affiliate marketing efficiently?

    1. Hi Sebastian,

      I agree with you, for MLM fans, it’s a nice match!

      If you would like to learn affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you Wealthy Affiliate. More than 1000+ training, live webinars, an engaged community, etc. You can find my complete review here or my short presentation there. Learning affiliate marketing has never been so accessible! Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at yerdua (at) school-of-financial-freedom (dot) com.

  2. Herbalife is an interesting market. They make great products, but I have never been a seller. I agree, of course, that affiliate marketing is much better, and it is based on your passions! I hope that most people reading this realize that.

    1. Hi Jessie, you said they make great products, have you tried them before? If so, it’d be nice if you could tell us a little more about them.

      This is one thing I like a lot about affiliate marketing: you decide your niche so if it’s based on your passion, it is a lot easier to build a business around it!

      Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  3. I enjoyed this post since I’ve had some experience of mlm. It was a very similar company to herbalife, but unfortunately I never made any money from it. I think it was the whole idea of persuading family and friends to join your downline! However, I’m far happier with affiliate marketing and as a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member, I can definitely recommend this platform.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Making money out of an MLM can, unfortunately, be very hard. It’s even harder when you don’t have any experience in marketing. It often brings to the point that people try to persuade their family and friends since they are not able to bring other people in (just like you said). It’s sad because MLM companies can truly work when people are not only focusing on recruitment. Because of this bad reputation, it makes affiliate marketing more secure and not as annoying as MLM companies.

      Oh, that’s cool that you are a WA member too! The world is small πŸ˜€

      Thank you for sharing this with us πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Audrey,

    I definitely think that it’s cool that you decide to write about Herbalife, I’m from South Africa personally and I know several people selling their products, and some of them have been able to supplement their income with it.

    However, this type of selling really is not my style, I’m an introvert by nature so, I usually try to minimize my face-to-face interactions with people, I think I prefer the latter model of selling (Affiliate marketing)!

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I must tell you that their training is indeed exceptional, and its kind of hard nowadays to find that kind of quality online training anywhere.

    I must say that I’m also surprised by the fact that Herbalife also employs the MLM model of selling, Its quite a shock! But, as always great & in-depth review, you basically answered any questions I might have had regarding this product.

    Thanks again for an informative article/post
    -Kay πŸ˜‰

    1. Hi Kay, glad you liked it!

      I’m the same type of person as you, I’m not too much a face-to-face person and I find it hard to tell people to come into a company when I deeply know it simply doesn’t interest them. What is difficult in this business model is to find the right audience and since it’s less online, it can be harder.

      In this case, affiliate marketing was definitely the best solution for me too and I actually love it! πŸ˜€

  5. Looks like Herbalife is one of the “good guys”. Especially that they give a full membership refund during the first year, that’s pretty generous! Also they seem to be very clear and upfront about all the rules and costs. I personally wouldn’t know anyone who’s interested but that doesn’t have to mean anything at all. I think if someone could talk to hundreds of people throughout the year about their products, it might actually work out as a business opportunity.

    1. Hi James,

      That is actually what I like about them: the fact that everything is clear and that nothing is hidden from the no-members. This is the kind of information that can be hard to find if you are not a member and this is also the kind of information you want to know before joining. Definitely, if someone is dedicated and share the products with many people, there are no reasons it cannot work out as a business opportunity.

      Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

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