How To Write Good Reviews For Your Website

Okay so you started your blog but you are brand new to this online world and you are wondering how to write good reviews for your website that people will like and react to so that maybe you can do some sales on Amazon. It can be reviews about absolutely anything, either a product, a service or even a company. Whatever the subject of your reviews, they have to be well written and with a relevant content otherwise you won’t see any result from them. So, I’ll try to help you with that.

This article will help you target the principal aspects you need to find in your reviews. Also, it can help you figure out what you can find in your reviews and create a template so that you stay consistent. Consistency is really important and your readers will like that because they’ll be able to compare the various products/services/companies on the same aspects.

So if you have any questions or if something is not clear, do not hesitate and leave a comment below, I’ll make sure to answer you as quick as possible! πŸ™‚ Let’s dive in!

1. Prepare a Review Template

First of all, it is very interesting to prepare a review template so that your readers are able to easily compare your different reviews. What do I mean by a template? A review has to review things… right? You can highlight different aspects (that can apply to either a product/service/company, but there can be some difference sometimes) so that you’ll be able to present your product/service/company.

For example, you could find these kinds of categories for a product (you can create a template for different type of review because I understand that a product and a company won’t have necessarily the same characteristics) :


You present in general the product/service/company with not many details but just the principal because you have to save this information for later.

General overview

This can look like this :

Name :
Owner(s) :
Website :
Price :
Rank (your own ranking for example 9/10) :

It doesn’t have to be complicated, keep it simple, you only want to present the subject of your review.

Special feature(s)

Here you can present why people would like to buy this product or not. A special feature usually differentiate a product from another.

Pros and Cons

This is probably the category that you will find in any of your review. It really shows up why people should buy or not this product/service/company. Make sure to have good pros and good cons that your readers can determine, just by reading them, that they are going to buy or not.


You can conclude by telling them if you would recommend this subject or not. If you expect sales, with a high recommendation, your readers will probably be more willing to buy it. But be logic, if in your review you only talked negatively about it and at the end you say ”Go buy it”, you are not coherent and you will lose credibility. It is okay to have negative review too, just stay consistent and coherent for your readers. Then, they will come back and maybe buy a product that you made a positive review about.

There are many templates that you can do for your reviews. This is really only an example to guide you in a direction and maybe give you ideas. Take the time to think about it and choose good categories that you can easily highlight the features of your subject.

2. Choose a Product/Service You Know About

How To Write Good Reviews For Your Website

If you chose a niche that you know well, it will probably be simple to make good reviews about a product/service related to your niche. It can sometimes happen, even with a niche we know that we have no more inspiration. It’s normal but don’t think it is the end for your blog. There are so many things you can write about, you just need to sit back and do a good keyword research.

On the other side, if you chose a niche you were interested in but don’t know much, inspiration will probably come less easily because you’ll have to think a little more about what you can review and you’ll have to make some more research to give your readers the right information. But nothing impossible again, you need to be patient and to search. Always remember that in your reviews, you need to be relevant. It may be more difficult with a niche you know less, but with effort and persistence, you’ll make it.

3. Complete Your Categories With Relevant Information

How To Write Good Reviews For Your Website

Like I said and I will repeat it, stay relevant! Now that your templates are ready and that you chose the subject of your review, you need to write about it. It’s the fun part, you have to write naturally. If you try too much to fit keywords in it, it won’t feel natural for your readers and they will probably stop reading your review and you don’t want that.

There are a couple things you should not forget when you write a review other than just being relevant, let check them out.


When you write a new review, it is important to choose one keyword that will permit you to rank. Before ranking for many keywords, you must start by one. This keyword should be in your title and about 1 to 3% times in your posts. Now you will say it is a lot! In fact, so that your SEO can be effective, this keyword must be found in many places like the alternative text of every picture you put in your review. These count in your 1 to 3%.

The most important thing is to write naturally. Don’t try to put your keyword in every phrase or paragraph, Google won’t like it and will probably not rank you. Stay natural and write as it goes.


This is a huge point in your reviews. Pictures will lighten your posts so that your readers don’t get bored reading your review and leave. It also helps them put an image in their head of what you are talking about. Then, it is very important that your pictures are relevant to your content. Other than that it can confuse your readers and make them leave.

Length (1000+)

Reading a post that only has 500 words (as an example) feels empty. It happens to me sometimes when I’m looking for products, I’m looking for different reviews and when I’m done reading I feel I didn’t find my answer so I just leave and don’t come back thinking this website doesn’t give enough information.

So the length of your review is very important. Make sure you give your readers (and potential customers) what they are looking for. If they can’t be satisfied with what they read, they will just not come back. When you write, think like your readers and what information they would like to know.

Usually, we talk about 1000 words minimum. It makes a complete post with enough information (it depends on you but usually it is). You can write more for sure and Google will like that. The more words, the more keywords you can rank for, but make sure to stay relevant.

Another point I could add is, do not write too big paragraphs because it becomes hard to read and your readers could become less interested. Keep that in mind, try to write paragraphs with 3 to 5 lines approximately.

Interact with your readers

Finally, it’s important that you write like if you were talking with your readers. Make them feel important, show them that you are there to helps them find what they are looking for. They will develop a trust in you and that will make them come back on your website.

Make sure to answer every comment that your readers leave you, then they know you are real and trust will be even more present between you and your readers. Plus, answering comments probably answers questions from potential new readers that won’t need to ask again. Once they have their answers, they can become a customer and a loyal reader.

4. Don’t Forget Internal/External Links

How To Write Good Reviews For Your Website

What are internal and external links?

Internal link : This is a link that is into your post and that redirect to another page of your website. Google likes internal links because it can crawl easily your website and it is an important factor in SEO.

External link : This link is redirecting to another website like for example Google, Wikipedia, Bing, etc. It’s a web page that is not part of your website. This is another good factor for SEO.

You can add as many internal links as you want, as long as it stays relevant. Don’t try to add them everywhere so that it doesn’t make sense in your post, it must always make sense.

For the external links, a minimum of one is okay, you can add some more but no need to put emphasis on these, they are not much of a deal. Google just like to see a couple in your posts. If you put too many external links, Google will feel like you want your readers to leave so be careful. If you put for example 10 external links, make sure to have at least 10 internal links.

How To Write Good Reviews For Your Website – Conclusion

How To Write Good Reviews For Your Website

So, this is it. I think I gave you the basic so that you can write good reviews. Practice is key to become good at it, don’t forget that. Like I said multiple time, relevancy is primordial in every kind of review you write.

Make sure to respect what I explained you in step 3 (keywords, pictures, length, interaction) and I promise you your readers will like you. Learning how to write good reviews for your website is not complicated, you just need some practice.

Hope you liked it and that it will help you become a better writer! πŸ™‚

Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below if you have any questions πŸ™‚

Wondering where I learned all this? Let me show you, I promise you will like it!

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  1. Thank you for writing such an in-depth how-to. I was about to write my first review for my new blog when I realized I did not even know where to begin. I think I am going to start with your example templet if you do not mind me snagging it. It will at least give me a place to start.

    And thank you for emphasizing writing naturally. It can get overwhelming trying to find the balance between keywords and natural content. I do not want my review to be keyword stuffed, but at the same time, I want to get ranked. Having a number (1-3%) to go on will help out a lot.

    Well, I am off to get started; however, I am going to bookmark this page. I feel like I will be back, often!

    1. Hi Dovey,

      Glad it will help you to write your first review! If you don’t mind, could you post it here so I can take a look at it? πŸ™‚

      It is not always easy to write reviews when we start but with the right tools, it is possible to learn fast and well. Add some practice to it and you’ll be an expert!

      See you soon then πŸ˜€

  2. Hey there!

    That’s a very insughtful post on how to write reviews.
    I constantly read on the subject in order to enhance my affiliate marketing skills so I found this article very useful.
    It seems that I follow your recommendation.
    A thing I noticed is that longer posts tend to rank faster and higher so I always aim at at least 2000 words.
    Thanks for the helpful insights!

    1. Hi Asen,

      Glad you liked it. Good point, the more there are words, the more your ranking might be fast. 2000 words is a good target. I wouldn’t try to write too many though because for me as a reader, when it is too long I don’t read it until the end. I think between 1500-3000 it is a good target.

      Thank you for sharing!

  3. Very helpful post, a lot of us would not know where to start writing a review. It is a great idea to do a template that you can go back to again and again.

    Anyone reading this post will have enough knowledge to start writing their own reviews as you have gone pretty in depth about keywords, links, both internal and external.

    Great post and very informatibe, thanks for sharing,

  4. I have a website and I am struggling with writing reviews, that’s why I was searching for tips to write a good one and I found your post. it is really a good post to read about writing a review, I loved the details you’re provided about it, especially, Keywords as I still don’t understand it very well. After reading your post I feel confident about writing it and I will do my best to improve myself in it.

    Thank you for this amazing post.

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