How To Start Your Own Business Website

Have you ever dreamed of having your own website? Created and designed only by you? Well, for me it was not exactly a dream but when I was on a nice website I was always wondering how people were doing so a nice job. So when I found how to make my own website I was very happy.

In How To Start Your Own Business Website – 7 Easy Steps, I want to explain you how you can start your own business website. The reason I add the word “Business” is because, yes your website can become your business and yes, you can make money out of it. Cool hein?

The next paragraphs are divided in 7 steps (short and sweet!) and if you follow these steps, you could certainly grow something really nice as a business. It only depends on you. So with no further attempt, let’s dive in!

If you have any questions/issues, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below OR send me an email to this address, I’d be pleased to help you out! 🙂

1. You Need a Platform

To create a website, you need a platform that will support it. There are various platforms that are available online so you just need to choose the one that you want. If I only name a few you can choose between :

Personally, I have tried Wealthy Affiliate and Builderall and I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. More than just a platform supporting your website, it also gives you a complete training on how to build it. Builderall works well too, the difference is that you don’t have a complete training like Wealthy Affiliate. Actually, Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress for creating its websites. Would you like to know how to create a website in less than 30 seconds?

Once you’ve chosen your platform, you’re ready to start the next step!

2. Choose Your Niche

How To Start Your Own Business Website

Now that you have something to work with, you’ll have to choose a niche. Since I explained this part in my post “How To Make Money With Amazon Associate Program – 4 Easy Steps”, I won’t make a big description here but I encourage you to check out this post so that you have more information. *A more descriptive article is coming soon on how to properly choose your niche, stay tuned!*

In brief, choosing a niche is not hard but you need to be interested. You don’t need to know everything about this niche, but if you don’t know much, make sure you are interested in knowing more about it. Otherwise, I don’t know how you will be able to talk about it. It can be about absolutely anything.

Second, don’t pick a niche that is too large. What I mean by that is it can be large so you have enough content to talk about but precise so you can have a specific audience. I know it can seem complicated, but don’t worry I’m sure you’ll find something great 🙂

After you have chosen your niche, you’ll be ready to go to step 3! If you’re wondering if your niche is “good” and you would like to have a confirmation from someone, please leave me a comment below.

3. Choose a Theme

How To Start Your Own Business Website

Good! It’s going great, you have a platform to build your website on and you have a niche, now it is where it starts to design your website! To continue and show you some examples, I will use the platform that I actually use so you can have a better idea what kind of themes you can find on WordPress (which I use by Wealthy Affiliate).

For your information, there are more than 3000 different themes you can choose from (when you are a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate, read more about this on Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Start Of Online Marketing under “The Advantages Of Being a Premium Member”). This is really cool because there is a lot of chances that you find something that please you.

Here are some screenshots from various themes you can find on board :

How To Start Your Own Business Website
How To Start Your Own Business Website

If you are not sure or hesitating on 2 or 3 or more themes, you can preview them to have a better idea. I just warn you that sometimes the preview doesn’t have any content so it doesn’t really represent well the theme.

TIP : To remain to this problem, you can create yourself a “test” website to try different themes until you find the one that fits you the most.

It is really simple, once you’ve decided which theme you want, you only have to click on it and click “Install” and then “Activate”. And there you go, your website is ready to welcome your content!

4. Add Some Content

For sure, you’ll need to put some basic information on your website such as an About Me page that explains who you are and why you decided to create this website and you will also need a Privacy Policy page. Plus, you will add some cool reviews on various products. I won’t elaborate too much on this subject because Wealthy Affiliate has some great training on these and I think you should consider watching them.

5. Write Down Every Idea That Passes In Your Head

How To Start Your Own Business Website

You’ll be ready now to think about what you want to add on your website as content. For this step, I will give you my technique that I use and I think it can work pretty well. I understand it can vary from people to people but at least you’ll have a starting point. *You’ll need a paper and a pen for this step.

So first, when I want to be productive and find a lot of ideas, I sit down at my office, put some music on and start to think about my niche and how I could help people with it. Why help people? Because a business website needs to “promote” or sell something that people want (in our case it is more promoting than selling).

So when I find my first idea I write it at the top of my paper. After that, I think about ideas that could vary from the first one and I draw some “root” like a tree and I continue like this until I consider I have found enough ideas. Why I do this like this is because it will give me the opportunity to create link between my different subjects and Google likes that (it brings better ranking).

Now that you have a couple of ideas, it’s time to put some keywords on them so that they can become interesting to Google. The software I use for keyword is named Jaaxy and I particularly love it. It is also shown by Wealthy Affiliate how it works so it makes Wealthy Affiliate pretty interesting. *I will write a post about Jaaxy very soon so stay tune!*

Just to give you a little sneak peek of what Jaaxy is, it gives you the opportunity to find great keyword with low competition so that your posts can rank better. Here is an example :

How To Start Your Own Business Website

So take the time to do the exercise with the ideas you’ve come up and you will be ready for the next step!

6. Write Your First Post

How To Start Your Own Business Website

Fantastic! You’re ready to write your first post now that you’ve found some great keywords. So you can choose the subject that you want for you first post and let’s go.

You must be wondering what to write hein? It’s normal, at the beginning it’s like if we have tons of ideas but none at the same time… I know. So to help you write your first post, I’ll give you some tips. Find more tips on How To Write Good Reviews.

Let’s introduce your subject you want to talk about

The first thing you want when you write is to introduce your readers to what they are going to read in your post. Be precise but not too much so that they want to continue reading. It doesn’t have to be too long, just enough information so that they can decide whether they want to read it. Make them curious to know more because you want them to read your post, they are the reason you are writing, you are writing for THEM.

Split your subject in categories

To help you place your ideas, start to write by choosing your headers, the main subjects you want to talk about. You’ll see it will be way more easy to write after you’ve done this.


Once your introduction is written and you’ve chosen your ”categories”, you can now fill them out by writing naturally.

IMPORTANT POINT : Don’t try to put some keywords everywhere, your text won’t be fluid. I say writing naturally because this is what is interesting to read. And this is how you will rank because Google will consider that you share relevant information to your readers.

Once your post is finished, you can choose to add some pictures, videos, etc. It will make your post more interesting to read and captivating. Every time you write something, think about your readers if they would like to read what you are writing.

7. The Money Part

How To Start Your Own Business Website

I think this is the point you were waiting for. In fact, there are many ways you can make money with your website. You can sell stuff, you can promote different products, you can share affiliate programs, etc. It only depends on you and what you like/want to do.

I have two posts right now that could interest you to know how you can make money with your website :

  1. Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Start Of Online Marketing
  2. How To Make Money With Amazon Associate Program – 4 Easy Steps

Don’t hesitate to read them if you want to know more! Contact me ( or leave a comment below if you have questions.

Let’s Start Now?!

How To Start Your Own Business Website

The key for a successful business website is to be consistent, write relevant posts and give your readers what they want. If you never forget that, you’ll be successful.

Building a website can seem hard at the beginning but once you are in, it all goes by itself. This post is a brief summary of how you can start your own business website but if you would like to know more and have a real course on how you can seriously make money out of your website and actually know where I learned all this I suggest you one thing (which I know suggested a lot in this article) : Wealthy Affiliate.

You will have 7 days for the FREE trial, no credit card needed. Only your smile and happiness of starting a new business 🙂

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  1. Excellent article. I particularly like tip#5 – the amount of ideas I’ve had and lost because I didn’t write it down! I like your method, it makes sense to map it out and link to Google likes. It’s great to have a project you enjoy writing about, even better to make it a business and earn some cash! I found this very helpful, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi there, this a great step by step guide for beginners. I was thinking that it would be nice to see a visual on your idea generation process in terms of exactly what you mean when you have your root and draw down from there. It maybe an idea for another post to break the step down a bit more. Useful content though overall 🙂

    1. Thank you Tamika for your constructive comment! I take that in note 🙂 I will make sure to add a photo of what I’m talking about so that everyone who reads my post understand correctly what I mean. Also, I’ll check out to describe the steps a little more although the goal of this post was to be short and sweet so that every beginner has a better idea of where to start without too many information 🙂

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