Have you ever stopped and ask yourself :
”What am I doing?” ”Why am I here?” ”Will this later be my life?”

It is different questions that we are not used to ask ourselves because our lives are written even before we are born. We are conditioned to live this life so we think it is normal. We think it is normal because Society tells us it is normal, it tells us : Go to school as long as you can and you’ll make a good salary and have a good life.

On the other side, Society also tells us if you don’t go to school you will probably don’t succeed, have a poor life and be unhappy. And we believe it! This is the sad truth, we believe it…

You are passionate of arts? Don’t even think about making this your life, you’ll probably end poor with no ambitions living in misery. Sadly, this is what Society tells us, indirectly. On my side I would tell you, go for it and do what you love, arts are beautiful and we need them in our world, don’t let Society discourage you.

So now, ask yourself these three questions again and answer them. If the answers are not what you want in your life, I suggest you continue reading this article. On the other side, if you can answer these questions and you are satisfied with the answers, you can leave this article. But I highly recommend you read it for your personal culture if you want to know How To Make a Change In Your Life.

And just before you start reading it, if you are serious and would like to put yourself in the mood, please watch this video. It’s 10 minutes long but it is worth the listening. Come back to your reading right after, some really good informations will be added.

Mindset Is Where It All Starts

How To Make A Change In Your Life

Do you realize how powerful your mind is? Every action and every decision you take comes from your mind first. You are the only one responsible for your actions and decisions.

Rich people aren’t rich because their parents were rich and poor people aren’t poor because their parents were poor. No. They are what they are because they decided to be like they are. Even if you think it doesn’t make sense, it does. We are responsible for who we are, no one else is for us.

If you think you are going to have a bad day, I can assure you’ll have a bad day. If you think you will lose, you will. It sounds easy to say but this is how it works. You want to win? Think like a winner. You want to be rich? Think like a millionaire.

How To Make a Change In Your Life? It all starts with your mindset. If you are not ready to make a change with your mindset, you won’t see a change in your life, that’s simple. Everything starts with your mind.

Here are some habits you can add to your lifestyle if you want to see a change :

  • Wake up early;
  • Do exercise;
  • Eat well;
  • Read at least one book per month (per week if you feel like it);
  • Believe in yourself.

The mindset is the beginning of every successful story. Think you can make it and you will.

How To Make A Change In Your Life
– Napoleon Hill

Take a look at this beautiful blog post from a Wealthy Affiliate user, it is so powerful.

Positivity Is Key

How To Make A Change In Your Life - I Can Do It

During our living I understand that we can live hard stories like loosing someone we loved a lot or loosing a pet or having a bad car accident, etc. Yes, life isn’t always happy but you need sadness to feel happiness. The most important thing is not either sadness or happiness, it is how you will react to the situation.

Why some people seem so calm after loosing someone? While some others are completely devastated and could die because they are too sad? This is the power of these individuals to manage their sadness. They are not happy about their loss, in fact I cannot tell because I’m not these persons but I’m pretty sure they are not happy.

I will tell you a true story that happened a couple months ago. I had a friend who was diagnosed with a liver cancer two years ago. It was not a close friend but I knew him well. His passion has always been alpine skiing. During the two years he was fighting his cancer he always went skiing (even when he probably had should not). Last year, he went skiing over 100 days (in Quebec it is a lot of skiing days). When we were asking him : ”How you doing?!” He would always answer : ”It couldn’t go better!” Even with cancer beating him up every single day. He finally died from his cancer a month ago but never has he said negative things about his condition. Life was a gift and he would enjoy everything he could have in this life. He will forever stay a huge example of positivity.

So even if you feel like you have a bad day, be positive, your day will be way more easy to go through. If you are struggling in building your business, don’t give up because it is normal to meet these difficulties, it is part of the game. Do you think successful people stopped when they lost their first money? No, because today they are millionaire.

Seeing positivity in your actions, decisions and in your life in general will make things easier and go by themselves. It is hard but this is what permit us to continue, to succeed in life and to be happy. Never give up on your dreams. This is How To Make A Change In Your Life, this is one of the steps.

Recondition Your Brain

Like I explain at the beginning of this article, we grow in a society that valorize most the school path. Since we are 5 years old (or even before that) we are conditioned that a normal work week is from Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 every day. How can it start so early? With kindergarten. Our parents can’t keep us with them during the day because they work their 9 to 5 so they bring us to kindergarten from Monday to Friday.

Time goes by, we grow and we understand better that the work week is from Monday to Friday and the weekends are Saturday and Sunday. We go to school from Monday to Friday. This is the model created by society : go to school, learn a profession, do this profession for 40 years 5 days a week and then retire when you don’t have enough energy to continue working.

Now, does it have to be your life? Do you need to live like this? If you could live under your own conditions, wouldn’t it be more pleasant? We have a lot of pressure from our families/friends to follow this ”normal” path but nobody has the obligation to do it. Why do you think there are not many successful people? Why do you think 97% of the population work for 3% of the population? Because the 3% decided to not commit itself to the model designed by the society, they decided to do it their own way.

You must think you would like to be part of this 3% but you don’t feel like it could work because you don’t have any unique idea, product or whatever that could make you different. In 2019, you don’t need to be so much different to become successful, you just need to be yourself and work hard. Nowadays with internet it is way more easy to become successful.

So, what you have to do right now is to look at what you are studying or where you are working and think if this is what you want for the rest of your career. You need to change your mindset about what society is and you must think about what YOU want in your life. You don’t want to work all your life for a society that conditioned you, you want to work for yourself and live easily.

When You Think Motivation Is Not There… You’re Wrong

It can be hard sometimes to do things that we don’t like or just that we don’t feel like doing them. You must know that it all starts in your head. If you can’t stop telling yourself you don’t like doing that thing, you will NEVER be motivated of doing it. Since life isn’t all about stuff we like, we must motivate ourselves of doing those things.

Motivation can come from different ways. Keeping a healthy life is probably the most important. What I mean by a healthy life is basically :

  1. Eat well;
  2. Sleep at least 7-8h per night;
  3. Do exercises 1h per day.

These are three simple things that will definitely help you keep your motivation. In fact, you’ll do things you probably never thought of doing. Being motivated doesn’t only mean of liking things you’re doing, it is to do things that will help you grow even if you don’t particularly like them.

For example, I’m not passionate about reading books often because I prefer to be outside and do sports or just enjoy the sun. Now to overcome this ”problem”, what I do is I take my book and go outside to read it and I’m motivated to read it because I combine it with something I love. Plus, I know reading books will help me grow as a person. I actually have a nice view to read :

How To Make A Change In Your Life - Reading Station

If you apply the three ”steps” I described above I’m pretty sure your motivation will come more easily. It’s not a secret, it’s only in your head.

Human Being Is Designed As Lazy

How To Make A Change In Your Life - Human Is Lazy

Yes, as human we are lazy. We like doing stuff that are easy for us, things that we don’t need to get out of our comfort zone. When it becomes harder, it’s automatic we don’t feel like doing it, we put a stop.

The life given by society is easy. Yes, school can be ”hard” but in fact it is not. Why I say that is because the system wants us to succeed so it does every thing it can so we don’t fail. Why doesn’t it want us to fail? Because we are future loyal employees who will pay taxes. We’ll be like everyone, doing our 9 to 5 jobs with two days on the weekend.

To grow you must do things that keep you out of your comfort zone.

I have an example for you : when you go to the gym, your goal is to become stronger or to improve your cardio. You know that if you only keep weights under what you are able to train, you will never become stronger because you don’t ask your muscles to work harder, they don’t get out of their comfort zone. This is really basic but I think you understand the point.

It is the same with life. It is the same with every single part of life. You must stay out of your comfort zone to grow, to become better, to become successful. So don’t be lazy like the majority, take your life in hand, design it like you want and learn How To Make a Change In Your Life.

You Choose Your Own Destiny

How To Make A Change In Your Life - Choose Your Own Destiny

You know what, you’ve always been your own boss you just never really realized it. Now that you read this article, I hope you do realize that life is full of opportunity and you don’t have to stick to one life working your ass off for 45 years with a boring schedule you did not even decide for someone you maybe don’t even like.

Like it is said, you only have one life so make the best out of it. Don’t live with regrets, this is not what you want.

If you want, you can share with me your life experience and what you would like to change below in the comments, I’d be pleased to talk with you πŸ™‚

Now you have one thing to do : LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!

How To Make A Change In Your Life - Success

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  1. Great article! I have also wondered about those same three questions often enough. I am a school teacher and I agree with you. Schools are making future employees, sheep that will blindly follow, and we cannot fail our students. I hate all that and it makes me want to leave my profession. I will soon.
    We are in charge of our lives and we should not fall into the 9 to 5 trap.
    Thanks for sharing this πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Christine for your comment!
      As a school teacher you are definitely at the right place to know exactly what I’m talking about. If society could at least give us the chance to show our true colors it would be great. I wish you all the best for the future!

  2. This was a very interesting article. It reminds me of myself when I was young.

    I didn’t want a 9 to 5 job. I was definitely not going to go to the “fixed job trap”, as I called it.
    I wanted to create something own, not be a slave to anyone else.
    So I went against the whole system. It was a big risk. But I had a good friend, and together we found a good idea, and we managed to create a company from the public library (we had nothing). My whole family went against me and said this was idiotic and that I should bet on school. I refused to listen. But fortunately it went well. lol

    If you have a good idea don’t give up or let others stop you. Take the choice that is right for you.

    So yes, I agree that the right mindset is important if you want to achieve success within something. Do not always follow the flow of society or predetermined rules from others about what to do or not to do. There are other choices and opportunities out there. Just look for them!

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, I was pleased to read it. I think a lot of people would like to make something on their own but they are not given the right tools to do it and to find them you must search deeply. I’m glad your idea worked well πŸ™‚ And you are totally right, millions of opportunities are there just waiting for us!

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