How To Develop a Mindset For Success
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You’ve always been dreaming about success and you are wondering how it could happen to you. You know, success doesn’t happen like this. The only situation it can happen is when you win the lottery… So don’t bet on that.

I want to show you how to develop a mindset for success because the mindset is the reason of success. It is the #1 responsible for every success stories. To reach this mindset, you must start to change some bad habits that maybe you have. In this article, I will show you some habits that you can develop so that your mind gets ready to reach the success you want. Remember that your mind is more powerful than you think.

If you have any questions, experienced or comments, just leave them below and I’ll make sure to answer them. 🙂

1. Before Starting, You Need To Set Up Goals

How To Develop a Mindset For Success
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Did you know that successful people always set up specific goals even before making up a plan? When you want to succeed in life, you need goals, you need objectives. This is what will motivate you to go on and not give up. Without goals, how could you do a single effort?

So now, I want you to take a paper and a pencil and write down your goals. They must be realistic but they must be challenging too. To define your goals you’ll go like this :

  1. Set up goals for the next DAY;
  2. Set up goals for the next WEEK;
  3. Set up goals for the next MONTH;
  4. Set up goals for the next 6 MONTHS;
  5. Set up goals for the next YEAR;
  6. Set up goals for the next 5 YEARS;

Now, I know it can be hard to set up goals for tomorrow but let’s say you are just trying to schedule your next day. Every successful people wake up and know exactly what they wake up to. Setting up goals this way will motivate you to wake up every morning and start doing something. And you’ll feel like doing something, like growing up every single day.

The goals you’ve written down you need to see them every day. Mostly the long term goals. You know the mind is powerful and to reach these goals, you need to convince your brain that this is what is going to happen, and it will.

To do so, every night before going to bed I want you to read your goals and not read them only in your head, read them clearly out loud so that your brain clearly hears you. If you want it to be convinced they will happen, you need to tell it what you want.

Keep them somewhere you can see them often to remind you what you truly want. I promise it will make a difference. This was my first suggested habit on how to develop a mindset for success.

2. Believe In Yourself

How To Develop a Mindset For Success
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If you want to accomplish something huge, you need to believe in yourself. Because YOU are the person who will do what it’s needed to reach your goals. No one else will do it for you.

Not a lot of people are able to completely believe in themselves and that is a sad story. Life is so much easier when you believe in you and you don’t let others tell you what to do. Most people who succeeded in life surely believed in themselves otherwise how could have they been successful?

How can you believe in yourself? How can you make abstraction of anybody’s opinion? I know this is a hard task, but like anything else it is doable. It is not bad to do things differently. I would even say it is a good thing and you should continue doing it this way.

I will give you a little tip I use when I hesitate of believing in myself. I wake up, go in front of the mirror and tell myself “You’re beautiful, keep believing in you and don’t ever stop what you’re doing to reach your goals, you’re on the road to success, you just need to believe”. Like it is explained in my article How To Make a Change In Your Life – The Power of The Mind, you need to tell your subconscious what you want it to base its motivation on. Otherwise, it is really capricious and it will believe the easy things like : procrastination, others are better than me, laziness, I’m poor and I could go on.

So please, do me the favor to believe in you. You are unique, nobody else is like you, you must stay as you are and grow as a person. Tell your brain what you want, read your goals before going to bed, tell it you are the best and that you will become successful. If you believe yourself, your subconscious will believe in you too and you will become successful.

Why do you think so many people aren’t successful? Because the thinking of a winner has to be developed. And people in our society don’t want to make any effort, they want the easiest. The thinking of a “loser” doesn’t have to be developed, it is the one naturally owned by every individual, this is why you need to work on your own thinking so that it becomes the one of a winner.

3. Develop Yourself To Become Better

How To Develop a Mindset For Success
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I will tell you a thing you should start doing by tomorrow : read books. But not fantastic books or comic books or whatever the story is about, read books that talk about personal development. You MUST start reading this kind of book if you want to become successful. Too many people think they don’t need to read to grow as a person, that’s false. Your personal development has much more value than what you could think.

How To Develop a Mindset For Success
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Why read these books?

They exist because successful people are sharing their stories and how they struggled before becoming successful. Do you know how to learn to become successful? It’s not only by reading successful stories, you need to read and understand failure too because it is part of the game. So you can find a lot of books sharing these stories and I encourage you to read as many as you can.

Another reason to read books about personal development is to develop your winner mentally. Without this mentally, like explained earlier, you will never succeed, everything starts from your mind. A lot of books of this category explain you exactly how to think to grow rich or just how to think so that you can get everything you want (it can be either money or anything else). The more you read, the more your mind will be set up as a winner.

They are interesting also because some of them explain you how to be a good leader, how to act with people so that they listen to you and respect you. They also show you how to treat people correctly so that you act as a good leader. Again, the more you read, the more you become better.

You don’t need to be born a leader to become a good leader.

It is not because you are a shy person that you cannot become a great leader, anybody who wants to be a leader can be, but there are steps to respect to become one.

Never stop developing yourself. It’s sad that in our society this is not what they teach us because it is definitely important to be respectful toward each other. I encourage you to read as many books as you can, you will only become a better person for every book that you read.

If you are not someone who likes to read, define yourself some objective to reach, for example you could read one book per month or per 2 months. By giving yourself goals you’ll be more willing to do stuff (like the first point explains it above). So don’t hesitate and let’s go to your reading!

P.S. I will prepare an article where I will suggest different books that I read that can be truly interesting for you all. Stay in touch!

Now, What Business Do You Want To Reach Success?

How To Develop a Mindset For Success
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What you need now is to decide what business you want to work with to reach the success you are dreaming of. When I say that I mean, is there a particular service you would like to share with people? Is there something you’re good at that you could to show people so that they can become good to? Do you want to work online? If so, would you like to do affiliate marketing?

There is just a plenty of things you can do as a business, you just need to choose the one that fits to you. You’ll have to work a lot before you become successful so you better like what you’ll do!

Do you want me to tell you what I decided to do as a business? I’ll take that as a yes 😉

I have a lot of passion like sports, designing ships, music, books… But I didn’t see how I could start a business in these subjects. I mean, I was a good hockey player but not good enough, I did a course in Naval Architecture (and I love it!) but I know I won’t be rich with my degree, I’m not good for playing music and I’m not really good at writing stories… So I decided to search the internet.

You know, there is soooooo much stuff you can do online, it is just crazy! So by searching I found something called “affiliate marketing”. I was wondering a little what it was about but I found it interesting and I wanted to know more about it so I made some more research.

Reading, watching videos, reading… and bam! I found Wealthy Affiliate. Since that moment, I knew EXACTLY what business I wanted. This one. With Wealthy Affiliate you are taught exactly how to build your OWN business. AND people are there to help you, isn’t that wonderful? I think it is.

So I decided to jump in the Wealthy Affiliate Adventure and I don’t regret it at all. Now my business is growing every day and I love it. I still have work to do but now that I have fixed my mind, I know what I want and I will have it.

Enough said about me. Now I suggest you go take some time for you and think about what you just read. I think you’re about to take a huge step forward. One thing I can say, never give up on your dreams. 😉 It is never too late to get a business started. If you apply these steps I just explained, there is no reason you don’t succeed, they are the heart of success.

You Want To Know More About Wealthy Affiliate?

How To Develop a Mindset For Success

Great! I have an article just for you that explains exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is about. You should take the time to read it and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at I’d be pleased to answer you.

Who knows, maybe you’ll start your own business too really soon? 😉


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  1. I love this article Yerdua. I found it very informative and helpful and am very confident others out there will equally find it beneficial. Each of the steps you talked about were well explained. I am definitely sharing this to my work colleagues, it was absolutely worth the read.

    I am a fan of your website now and will sure re-visit for more of such insightful and helpful content. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, it is so much appreciated. I’m very happy you found it interesting and I’d be very glad if you share it with your work colleagues. Much more is coming, stay in touch!

  2. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for information about how to start a business successfully and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this topic.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.)


    1. Thanks for your comment Ali! It is a pleasure for me to know it was helpful. Starting a business can be hard but when you have the good mindset, everything is possible. More content is coming soon, stay in touch!

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