Ok so, I will teach you something very important in this article. You are probably one of these numerous persons who think it is possible to get rich quick for free. Actually, is it possible? This is what I want to answer in this post. When you will leave this post I hope you will understand what reality is. So please, read carefully and pay attention.

What Is ”Get Rich Quick For Free”?

Get Rich Quick For Free - Save Money

Everyone on Earth would like to get rich quickly without having to work anything out. Yes, because human nature is lazy. The less we do, the better it is for our poor mental.

People are constantly looking for a magic recipe that will make them rich in a day. They surf on the internet hoping someone will give them this solution. They want a solution NOW because they need money NOW. And they need money because they are full of debts because they never learned how to correctly manage their money…

What I’m telling you is generalization. I know that the story of everybody is not the same. Some people only want another source of income while keeping their job. Some other people just want to travel so they would like to have a passive income that would allow them to work wherever they want. It is normal. The problem is not the reasons that bring these people to want money immediately, the problem is the fact that they want it RIGHT NOW.

We live in a society that when we want something, we just go get it. So when it’s time for money, it is the same we want it immediately. But this is NOT how it works. When you went at school to get a degree so that you could have a nice job, did you just go at the reception and ask them to give you the diploma? NO. You had to work and go to your classes to LEARN and UNDERSTAND the subject you decided to do a degree about. Otherwise, how do you want to perform in this subject if you don’t know anything? This is why we go to school since 5 yo, to learn and understand stuff.

More than wanting money immediately, people don’t want to pay to make money. They don’t understand that it is with money that we make money. You thought what? That money would just appear like this because you want it?

So, is it possible to Get Rich Quick For Free?

Compare With The Reality

Get Rich Quick For Free - Compare With Reality

Like I explained earlier, when we decide to go to school to learn a specific subject, it is important to follow the given path so that we can reach the diploma at the end. If you try to skip a step, how do you expect to have this diploma?

Second, to do our degree we have to pay some fees and God knows how expensive going to school is. But we pay them because we expect that this diploma will give us the opportunity to have a great job after. Would you see yourself go to school without paying anything?

Well, with a business it is the same thing. How do you expect your business to work out if you don’t put some time and money in it? You think that with $0 and in one week you’ll have earned $10 000? Well, that is optimistic. You know it cannot happen because this is not the reality.

Get Rich Quick For Free, still possible?

The Society

Now, one of the biggest problem in our society is that we are given a path and if we don’t follow this path, we look like monster trying to not follow the rules. What is the path? Go to school as long as you can and you will make a good income, you will live a great life.

We all think it is the good thing to do. In fact, it is not bad but it is not the best. Because it convicts us to become slaves of the society. We don’t have the choice now to exchange our time for money because we are full of debts, debts that we have because we went to school to learn our profession… Society is brilliant in a way, it tells us to go to school, work hard during all the healthy time we have to serve it well and it will reward us when we get too old to work by telling us to retire and enjoy what’s left of our life… When we are now too old to properly enjoy the activities we could have done in our 20’s or 30’s.

If people would take all the time they put in school and they would put it in a REAL school that would teach them to become financially free instead of slaves of money, maybe they would be happier, less stressed and they would have more time with their friends and family. They would have time to do the things they want.

Unfortunately, when it becomes too hard and they don’t have anyone to hold their hand and tell them what to do, they stop and complain they cannot do it. When it happens at school, they don’t stop (not everyone but most of them) because it cost them money and they think ”I paid for it, I will finish it”.

If you had an opportunity to start a business in a really nice online school that cost the 1/100 of the school we know, would you take it? Knowing that you would not have debts at the end and that you could probably become financially free? What if I tell you it can take 3-4 years just like if you were getting a degree in an institution but if you put the same amount of time that you would put at this school, after 3-4 years you are close to financial freedom and don’t have any debts? Think about it.

Mindset Is Priority

Get Rich Quick For Free - Mindset Is Priority

The mindset that we have as individual is the one that we grow up with, taught by our parents, family, friends, etc. It is also influence by our experiences, books we read, information we receive, teachers that we have, etc. Many factors determine our mindset, but we are the only one responsible of what we decide to implement in this mindset.

Discipline, hard work, determination, passion, honesty, laziness. These are just a couple elements that we can find in our mindset, but there are plenty others.

In our society, we are designed with a mindset that stays in our comfort zone and when it goes out, we immediately stop what we are doing to come back in this comfort zone. We have to work hard on our mindset to change this bad habit but it is not something easy and the human being wants easy stuff. If you don’t change your mindset to a winner and hustle hard mindset, how do you expect in becoming a millionaire?

I just wanted to make a parenthesis on the mindset here but if you would like to know more, take a look at my article talking about it, I think you will like it.

Now, do Get Rich Quick For Free is possible?

The Answer You Are Waiting For

Get Rich Quick For Free - The Answer Is No

Can we Get Rich Quick For Free?? The answer is… Yes, if you win the lottery. But please, don’t bet on this option. So no, it is not possible. To make a decent living and be financially free, you need to work hard and put your mind to it. Without these elements, I don’t know how you will make it. Maybe you can, but maybe it will be longer.

If your mission is to create a passive income and become financially free in the future, you have to take action now and choose the proper school that will teach you these things. You also need to change your mindset for a mindset that will help you grow in this way. If you only have negative thoughts that you will never make it, don’t expect it to work. So no, it won’t happen tomorrow just like if you were going to school learning to become a doctor, it doesn’t happen in one day.

Creating your own business is probably the solution that will give you the most liberty if you succeed, but don’t expect to Get Rich Quick For Free, you will have to work your ass off and pay some $$$. It doesn’t have to be $10 000/year, it can be only $50/month, but remember to wisely choose your school.

If you would be interested to know more about the school I chose to start my own business, I invite you to click the button below.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below πŸ™‚

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  1. Thank you for the well-thought, researched article. You are right on the money! It took me years to understand it which in many ways led to my ultimate downfall but the workplace is full of people who have no intention of doing an honest day’s work. Discipline and hard work are key, thanks for the reminder.

    1. Hi Joseph,

      Definitely discipline and hard work is key, people should never forget that, or at least they should know it.

      Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. Very good post and i agree with the points you made. One of it being that no one wants to spend money and want things for free. To build a business requires some financial investment and and some hard work. Keep up the good work

    1. Hi Lawrence, exactly to make money we need money and some people have difficulties understand this. A business is probably the best investment someone can do. Unfortunately, not everyone knows this.
      Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey,
    Yes! I totally agree with your point, everyone wants to get financial freedom but just think, hesitate and don’t do anything, they need to update their mindset! Thanks for sharing us this information, we all need to join this right course so that we can get passive income early and be successful!

    1. Hi Charles,

      Yeah, it seems that just thinking about it is too much for them. It’s sad because so many opportunities are available and just waiting for us to take them.

      This course is amazing and that is why I recommend it so much. It is the best decision I made.

      Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Audrey,

    Great post! Yes so many people these days look around the internet looking for the latest get rich quick scheme and end up getting scammed.

    As you say unless you win the lottery there is no such thing as get rich quick. get rich slow is the way to go for sure. mindset is definitely the key. If you can control your mind you really can do anything in this life. Be disciplined. Discipline equals freedom πŸ™‚



  5. Hey,

    This is a good motivational post. Thanks for the reminder. Its so true what you say about having to spend money to make money, and I like the analogy that you draw between investing money in your schooling, so needing to do the same with a business. Any money I’ve made has always required an investment (normally quite small) and from that you then reap the benefits. Great post!

  6. Wow, this article is a real eye-opener. You really did touch on the the important elements needed to stay in the right mind-set. The road to success is not always easy, so hard work, perseverance and determination is what we need. Thanks for sharing such an informative article!

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