We all know Forex Trading is a hot trend right now, and everyone wants to learn how to trade. Now, the difficulty is to find a legitimate company/school that will teach you how to trade properly so that you can become a profitable trader and be consistent.

Hard task, you must say. Yes, it is indeed. 

Although, I was able to find a couple of companies offering forex trading courses that might interest you. Forex Mentor Pro is one of them. So here, in this Forex Mentor Pro Review, I want to highlight what this company offers to its students and if it is valuable. Because who would like to pay for something that “doesn’t work”! 

Remember one thing though, and I repeat myself often, Forex trading is not something made for everyone, be aware. It’s a big battle against ourselves first, so if we cannot deal with our emotions, we are more likely to fail as traders. 

It doesn’t mean it won’t be for you. You might be very good at it, but you got to learn correctly to be able to tell!

So without any further due, let’s jump in this review. And if you have any comments, opinions or experiences you would like to share, just leave them in the comments below. πŸ™‚

General Information

Name: Forex Mentor Pro
Founder: Marc Walton
Website: www.forexmenpro.com
Price: $47/month or $197/year or $397 lifetime (best value)
Rating: 4.25/5

About Forex Mentor Pro

So let’s start quickly and easily with the foundation of this company. It was created in 2008 by Marc Walton, a professional forex trader and mentor. 

Marc started to trade in 2002. Unfortunately, he wasn’t lucky and couldn’t find a really good school to learn how to trade properly and lost a lot of money. During 3 years, he kept trying to learn forex but after these 3 years, he was about to quit. Losing money on many “wonder systems” isn’t really fun. It is worst when you have the feeling you learned nothing in 3 years. He said, “I had wasted 3 years of my life.”

He decided to take a break, all this bullsh*t can become overwhelming after times… Then he found a retired trader to teach him how to trade properly. He had found his golden ticket to a profitable career as a trader – within 18 months he was trading accounts of over $1 million for a fund in New York.

Since he struggled a lot to become the trader he is today, he decided to share his knowledge with others and that’s where Forex Mentor Pro appeared. 

Two of his students are now mentors in his school, Pierre du Plessis and Judith Waker. They became full-time traders and decided to join Marc to mentor others.

Nice people building a nice school, it sounds good!

What Does Forex Mentor Pro Offers?

Forex Mentor Pro offers a course and access to professional traders so that you can become the trader you want to be. To help you become this trader, when you become a member at FMP, you have access to:

3 Powerful Trading Systems

Get immediate, full access to the same powerful trading systems we use every day to pull profits out of the Forex market. Daily, 4 hours & 1-hour strategies.

Daily Video Analysis and Support 

Get advance video insight into the trades we’re planning and explanations of what we’re looking at with each trading system for the days ahead.

Step-by-step Guidance

From basics to advanced trading systems. We walk you through everything you need in our step-by-step online video tutorials & weekly live training sessions.

Proprietary Trading Software

Unlimited access to our custom proprietary software, indicators and trading tools designed to make your trading life easy, calm and profitable.

A Private Community

Join the FMP family, participate in the weekly live training sessions where you can ask as many questions as you like of mentors Judith, Pierre and Marc. Mentors are also available in the forum along with seniors members.

Help & Support

Our #1 goal is to help you succeed. That’s why we offer so much support. When you work with us you can ask questions and get advice from real, professional Forex traders.

Sounds interesting, right? Yes, I know. I will definitely give it a try. Because if I never try, I’ll never know if it can make a difference for me too!

Other than that, I suggest you watch this short video showing exactly what you will find inside FMP as a member. Very interesting!

What Do People Say About Forex Mentor Pro?

Now, for sure it’s always interesting to read some testimonials and know if the company we want to join is worth it. Unfortunately, often companies just prepare false testimonials to grab some people.

For this reason, I wanted to check if there was other reviews and testimonials than on their website, but unfortunately since it’s still not a company known much, I couldn’t find some. So let’s take a look at the testimonials on their website.

Testimonial #1
Testimonial #2
Testimonial #3
Testimonial #4

These testimonials are students sending Marc emails to let him know his training is worth it. It can be a nice proof of valuable content since people are getting back to him positively.

Can You Trust Forex Mentor Pro?

Now finally, the big question: can we trust them? Are they worth it? Yes, we can trust them. To know if it’s worth it, we have to try. 

You know what, it can be really easy to say a company is a scam or not worth it, but without trying it, we can never know. I’m not saying to try scam companies though! You must be careful for sure, but FMP doesn’t feel like a scam to me. To be honest, I will try it myself, because after reading my own review, they convinced me, ahah!

I would like to share with you a small life experience that happened to me 2 years ago about “worth trying” stuff. 

I was at school and had an offer to start a job in my profession immediately, even as a student. I talked about it to my boyfriend and instead of telling me “wow that’s nice, take it!”, he told me “I have a colleague who worked there and didn’t like it, I’m not sure it’s worth you try it”. 

So do you know what I did? I accepted the job and been there for 2 complete years and absolutely loved it. I decided I would make my own opinion of my own experience. I was happy to accept it even if the only testimonial I had from this job was negative because I told myself “I have nothing to lose, if I don’t try it, I will never know. The worst that can happen is that I will leave because I won’t like it, but at least I will have tried”

I’m glad I took this opportunity. I had to leave for different reasons but it wasn’t because I didn’t like it.

And I could tell you the same pattern for the opportunity I took for my online business. If I wouldn’t have taken it, how would have I known I would like it?

So yes, I’m trying to tell you that reviews and testimonials can be an important factor in making a decision, but except if it asks you a lot of money, you should never miss an opportunity. Take it. The worst that will happen is that you’ll know you didn’t like it.

Do I recommend Forex Mentor Pro?

YES. Take the chance and try it. If you don’t like it, just leave. But you’ll have experienced something new and learned stuff. Life is short, go for it.

Otherwise, if you’re more likely to learn Forex on your own, I have built up a list of products that could help you in your trading journey. Take a look below πŸ‘‡

Hope you guys liked this review and most of all, I hope it helped you out! It’s not easy to find good programs out there on the web so when there’s one, it’s cool to know it exists!

If you have any comments, experiences or opinions do not hesitate to share them below in the comment box. 

Chat soon,


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Forex Mentor Pro









  • The owner knows what he's talking about
  • Not expensive to try
  • If you like it, you can pay once $397
  • Interesting (and probably good) products offered


  • Not many reviews about it
  • Hard to tell if the technique works

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  1. Hey,

    Great review. Forex Mentor Pro does look good, and reading the reviews and testimonials of others too, it comes across as a system that can be trusted. However, as you have said, for us to trust it 100%, we must try it out for ourselves, as with everything else with life.

    I will let you know if and when I do try it out, and what my thoughts on it are. I have friends who are into trading and I think they would be interested in your article, so I have forwarded it on to them and asked them to comment on it too.

    Thank you for sharing such an extensive and informative review. Keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom,

      It’d be awesome if you could come back so that we could discuss about it! I will surely try it soon too, so it would be perfect. πŸ™‚

      Thanks a lot for sharing my review with your friends, it’s really appreciated.

  2. Hi Audrey, you have written another great review in the financial markets / trading programs!

    I like Marc Walton’s background and how he became a successful trader. It reminds me a bit of Warren Buffet and how he was mentored by Benjamin Graham (which is why I used to read the old books my Benjamin Graham). Of course it’s not the same story but it still reminded me of this. So his background alone already made me curious of his online course!

    And as you said, as long as it’s not an obvious scam company, trying it is always fine. That would be like saying reading a book is a waste of time simply because you didn’t like the book… In most cases, you still get some value out of it or learn something new.

    Thanks for researching this course for us, Audrey!
    Best, James

    1. Hi James!

      I didn’t know Warren Buffet’s mentor was Benjamin Graham, that’s interesting!

      That’s the important point: the value you get from things you try out! I did a university course (that I didn’t complete) for 2 years and after these 2 years, I felt it was not for me and decided to stop it… In the beginning, I thought I lost 2 years of my life but I tried to see it the other way – I learned stuff for 2 years! It’s important to think positively and see the bright side of what we have done.

      Thanks James for sharing your thoughts!

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