Are Affiliate Programs Profitable

You heard about affiliate marketing and now you are wondering, are affiliate programs profitable? Because yes, in affiliate marketing we also talk about affiliate programs. In fact, it is a huge part of affiliate marketing.

So you would like to know if you can really make money out of affiliate programs. It is normal to ask yourself this question because many of them don’t pay much (it can be about only 5%) and if you really want to be profitable you need a big volume of sales.

So let’s check this out in details in this article. If you have any questions, comments or experiences to share do not hesitate to leave them in the comments at the end of this article. Let’s dive in! πŸ™‚

What Is An Affiliate Program And Where Can You Find It?

Are Affiliate Programs Profitable

First of all, do you know exactly what an affiliate program is? I’ll try to explain it to you so that you can have a good picture of it.

Definition of affiliate program given #1 by Google :

An affiliate program is an automated electronic program that involves a Web advertiser and recruited webmasters. The webmasters, as affiliates, place the company’s advertisements on their individually owned websites. The ads in affiliate programs are linked to company websites and are referred to as affiliate links.” –

Now what that means in my words is that webmasters (us, bloggers) sell products or services from a company on our own website via affiliate links. Many companies have affiliate programs and I will discuss them with you later on this article.

So basically an affiliate program is not really complicated, you try to sell products or services from a company on your own website and for each sale made from your link, you earn a commission. This commission varies from a company to another (it can be 2% or even 10%). So, yes you can make money from an affiliate program, but is it interesting? […]

Where To Find Them

Affiliate programs are absolutely everywhere. You can find them mostly online but you can probably find them at some of your local stores too. They are less common but they can exist. Also, many of us have probably done affiliate marketing indirectly without knowing it, but It was probably not part of an affiliate program.

The best example is when someone tells you: Can you sell this for me? I’ll give you 20 bucks. Well, this is how affiliate programs work but through the online world, websites and affiliate links.

You didn’t think about this one, huh? Affiliate programs are very simple and easily applicable. You just need to learn how to do it and it all goes by itself.

This is a list of companies that have an affiliate program. There are many more but it is just to show you that many companies use affiliate programs.

  • Amazon
  • ShareASale
  • eBay
  • AliExpress
  • ClickBank
  • AvantLink
  • Etc.

Now that you know better what is an affiliate program, let’s see its benefits!

Benefits Of Affiliate Programs

Are Affiliate Programs Profitable

There are many benefits of affiliate programs. This answers a little our first question that is ”are affiliate programs profitable”… But let check them out in more details.

No management of inventory

Do you know why? Because you don’t own the products or services, you only promote it so that the owner can make a sale. If you succeed and make a sale out of your promotion, the owner will give you a commission. That’s the only thing you need to deal with: the commission. You don’t deal with the inventory because the purchase will be made on the owner’s website THROUGH your affiliate link. This is one of the biggest benefits because managing an inventory is a big job and ask a lot of effort.

No dealing with the customer if not happy

This is something ”cool” because you don’t need to deal with a frustrated customer BUT remember that you still have contact with the customers throughout your own website. If you want commission you need sales and to have sales you need to convince your readers (customers) to buy the product or service. So yes, you don’t deal with the ”after-sale” if I can call it this way but you still need to deal with customers BEFORE the sale and it is probably the more important factor if you want to make some sales.

No dealing with the return policy

This point is close to the previous one but not exactly the same. That means that if for example, the product you were promoting were clothes, well if they don’t fit and the customer wants to return it, you absolutely don’t deal with that, it will be the owner (company) that will. This is a nice benefit because dealing with the returns with an online shop is a big thing.

Make money 24/7

One of the biggest benefits you can get from affiliate programs is that you can make money without being working, that means even when you are sleeping! The online world doesn’t sleep so as long as you can grow nice traffic on your website, on which you promote various products or services, your readers/customers can buy stuff at any time.

[…] So yes, the money you make from them is interesting because it can be made at any time! There are more benefits for sure, but I wanted to show you some of them that are really to take in consideration. Now, let’s see how you can use these affiliate programs and profit from them.

How Can You Use Them Properly And Profit

Are Affiliate Programs Profitable

Like it is said in the definition, it is used through websites. There are other ways that you can use them but I’m not very informed so I will talk about what I know best if you don’t mind. Don’t worry, immediately when I know more I’ll let you know. πŸ™‚

So the best way to promote products or services is through a well-designed website that your readers will love to come and read your content. The reason I use the term ”read” is that the way the more accessible to promote products or services from affiliate programs is through blog posts.

What are blog posts? It is well-written reviews that give you the opportunity to talk about specific products or services and give your readers some recommendations. The more your reviews are complete and answer what the reader is looking for, the more you will make sales. It has a lot of potential because once your review is published and show good results, you make sure to keep it up to date and your sales will probably scale.

So the best way (I know as I told you) you can use these affiliate programs and make some money is through a nice website and good, relevant reviews. Make sure you fill the need of your readers and results will come I can assure you.

The difficulty you can face with a website

I just want to tell you one thing that can be hard with a website but it is not there to discourage you, don’t worry.

The biggest difficulty is to start because a brand new website is not known by Google, Bing or Yahoo and to make sure you rank for specific and good keywords, you need to post content regularly and show the search engines that you are there.

You need to keep the faith and work hard at the beginning but once you are started, everything goes by itself.

If you are interested in knowing where I learned to create my website, I highly recommend you to check my review about Wealthy Affiliate. It is the best school to teach you what to do when you face this kind of difficulty.

Are Affiliate Programs Profitable? School-of-Financial-Freedom Final Answer

Are Affiliate Programs Profitable

Finally, can you tell? Are affiliate programs profitable? I would say a big YES! And if you haven’t started yet, you should! Or I can even say, you MUST. The online world is seriously full of opportunities and people should consider them more.

You saw the major benefits you can get with affiliate programs so I hope you will take them in great consideration and think about it. Although, if you would like to start now because your decision is already taken (wise decision by the way), you can join the biggest school teaching affiliate marketing (including affiliate programs), the same who taught me to build my website!

Other than that, I hope this article helped you answer your question about affiliate programs profitability and that you can now decide either or not you want to start to work with.

If you have any questions or experiences you would like to share, leave them below! πŸ™‚

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  1. Affiliate-programs are very interesting and the way you’ve lay it down here I really appreciate its benefits. It’s clear to see that if I remain focus in this business, it will be profitable. Thank you for pointing out these benefits.

    1. Hey Carol,

      Definitely, if you stay focus there is absolutely no reasons that it is not profitable. Work hard and never give up is the key!

      Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you very much for your fantastic website that shows the cheapest and most effective approach to start up your own business which can grow gradually.
    Kind regards,

  3. Hello Audrey,

    A great post and introduction to the world of affiliate marketing. I’ll be bookmarking your site and studying some of your other posts. I’d love to learn how to write a good review so that is where I am heading next.

    I hope you encourage many to “to keep the faith and work hard”

    I’ll be back soon Kay.

  4. Hi Audrey

    This is a great post for people wanting to learn more about affiliate marketing. You’ve broken down the concept and advantages quite nicely. The training opportunities you’ve shared within your post make it less intimidating to get started. For some starting their own website can sound like a huge hurdle to overcome and therefore wouldn’t consider affiliate marketing, so it;s comforting to know that there is training to walk you through it step by step. You’re so right when you say, the internet has many possibilities to earn an income online.

    Thanks again for this very informative post.

    1. hi Tracy,

      Glad you found it interesting. It’s true that starting to use affiliate programs can feel intimidating but like you said, with the right tools and good training there is no reason it doesn’t work well.

      Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  5. Great and very informative article Yerdua. I liked that you explained not just if affiliate programs are profitable, but what is an affiliate program in general and how to find affiliate programs online.

    I personally agree with you and think that affiliate programs can be very profitable, but you have to put lots of work to start making money. But benefits are great and I love affiliate marketing. Like you said nothing can be better like making money 24/7, even when you are asleep. For me, the most exciting thing is being your own boss and working hours you want
    It wasn’t easy to start a profitable affiliate marketing business, but it’s totally worth the effort and hard work will pay off big time.
    I personally learn lots from Wealthy Affiliate and I just can recommend that it is one of the best programs to learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. Thank you for sharing this great post with us!

    1. Hi Marius,

      Yes a lot of work is needed to see the real benefits but once it is started, it never stops and just scale more and more. That is what is truly amazing. With a good foundation, you can just scale higher and higher, this is really some benefits. Every business has to start somewhere and what is the most difficult it is to start and put the effort. After that, you feel so great, you know you did the right move.

      Thank you for sharing!

  6. Indeed, there is so much potential in the online world, there are so many opportunities. There is still so much to learn about affiliate marketing, and I would love to learn more about it.
    I like your review, it’s honest and clear. You talk about all the necessary points. This post is very useful for someone who doesn’t know much about affiliate marketing yet, since you explain it so well πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Christine,

      You are right, there is so much to learn on affiliate marketing. Never ever stop learning and scale your business higher!

      Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

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