Hi, my name is Audrey.

I’m an affiliate marketer, and School-of-Financial-Freedom is a website where I share my knowledge as an affiliate marketer to whoever wants to learn how to make money online.

Affiliate marketing has not always been my job. Actually, it is my part-time job at the moment because I’m still at the beginning of my journey.

Now you’ll say “What? You aren’t working full-time online?” Nope. Not yet. I take the time that I need to grow my online business. Remember, it’s not a race.

So, What Else Do I Do?

I studied to become a Naval Architect because I didn’t want a normal job… Well, I have to tell you that I don’t have a normal job. It’s so an uncommon job that we are only a few working in this niche, which means we do all the work!

Designing ships, working to improve the technologies, learning many different things in the maritime industries, etc. are all things I’m doing daily. And I love it.

Why Wanting An Online Business Then?

One of the things I want the most in my life is to enjoy it to 100%. With a “normal” job, you don’t have the freedom to work when you want and where you want. With an online business, it is possible.

This is the reason I’m working part-time in my online business while working as a Naval architect. Let’s say it keeps me busy. πŸ€—

Why Affiliate Marketing?

I discovered affiliate marketing while I was looking for ways to make money online. Like many people, I had the “get rich quick” mindset and I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Only scams and people who only wanted my money.

After a couple of months of searching, I found Forex Trading. I thought that’s it, I got it! AHAH. No way.

I quickly understood that it was easier to lose money in Forex than win money. But I also understood that it was possible to become good at it with good coaching and practice. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good teacher/school so I gave up on trading.

So, still looking for another opportunity, I found Wealthy Affiliate. They were literally what I was looking for: a school to teach me how to make money online (and they still are btw). Actually, they are the “guru” of affiliate marketing since 2005.

So with their free membership, I jumped in and started the free training. I thought it was so genius, I decided to go premium the day after because I had completed the entire free training and wanted more. I knew I had found THE opportunity.

Since that moment, I fell in love with affiliate marketing. Why? Because of all the possibilities that it gives me: email marketing, associate with companies, blogging, etc. Plus, it gives me the chance to sell products that I don’t even have to own! It’s fantastic.

Why School-of-Financial-Freedom?

Since I’m learning new things daily, I wanted to share these things with people who are struggling to find a way to make money online, just like when I was. I want to build the website I was looking for when I was desperately looking for making money online. And I hope it will help as many people as possible.

I Have a Surprise For You

Since I made myself a promise that I would help as many people as possible, I prepared you a nice guide that will bring you into the affiliate marketing journey even if you are a complete beginner.

You’ll have access to private coaching with me and also to the best affiliate training online. With this guide, I’m following you step-by-step in your journey so that you can begin with a good foundation for your online business.

By signing up, you get these accesses plus unique tips and tricks via emails with my personal insight.

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