Are You Ready to Start Your Own Online Business?

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What's All About?

You are currently looking to find a way to make money online, right? You are at the right place my friend. I’m here to show you the BEST school that will teach you exactly what to do to become succesful online. 

4 things are required from you :

  • Serious desire to make money online;
  • Time to dedicate to your business;
  • A couple of pennys (how do you want to make money without money?? But you can start for FREE).
  • A computer to start the training and work on your business!

You’re all set, let’s go!


You need 3 Things to Reach Success


Learn the secret behind Google algorythm and boost your website to page 1. Discover the biggest secrets about online marketing.


With a website you'll be able to expend your business to a higher level. Learn the best tips & tricks to make your website looks stunning.

Support 24/7

Have access to a support team at any moment of the day. Whatever your question is, you'll get an answer. There is no such support elsewhere. Plus, you have access to my 1-on-1 coaching!

What if You Can Have All 3 of Them?

What Is Offered

1-on-1 Coaching

What is better than to have your personal coach to build your own business? I offer FREE services for my referrals. You are one message away from your dream life.

More Than 1000+ Hours of Training

You’ll find training on absolutely everything. Either you’re looking to improve your website design or your SEOs techniques, you’ll definitely find the training for you.

A Unique Community

The community is full of entrepreneur already successful waiting for you to come in so they can share with you their strategies and wins. Don’t miss this opportunity full of free knowledge.

The Best Tools to Improve Your Business

What about tools to make your website the best of your category? Have access to the most useful and powerful tools to improve your visibility and rankings.

Live Webinars Every Week

That’s right! Be there every Friday night for Jay’s training, one of the biggest online entrepreneur of this school teaching you exactly his secrets and techniques to become a successful online marketer.

Strategies and Strategies and...

Strategies are primordial to scale your business as fast as you can. Find out the best strategies to bring your business on another level quickly.

Join Over a Million People

Join a community of more than 1 M+ succesful online entrepreneur present to share with you their strategies, wins, loses, etc. You’ll be amaze to see how this community feels like a family. Remember to always surround yourself with people as well-minded as you. People like this are hard to find, but here they are. Join them and be the next successful online entrepreneur!

Read Some Success Stories From WA Members

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"New record : $1,300+ Per DAY! Affiliate Marketing Works & Rocks!"


"WA is an absolutely amazing platform... While I was eating BBQ, I was getting paid. While I was at the movies, I was getting paid. While I was at the park, I was getting paid."


Most frequent questions and answers about Wealthy Affiliate School.

How Much Does it Cost?

It’s completely free to start. You’ll have access to a 7 days free trial with all premium features. Once your 7 days will be over, you’ll have the choice to become a premium member or stay a free member, as you want.

P.S. If you upgrade to premium within the first 7 days, you’ll have access to my bonus of 59% reduction on your first month (only $19.99)!

What Is The Difference Between Premium and Free Membership?

The main differences between both is that as a premium member you can have 50 websites (vs 2 when free) and you have access to the complete training. To be honest, there are many more features as a premium member and it’s totally worth it (only $49.99/month!). Imagine, some companies would ask for way more just to have 25% of what WA offers. Although, if you want to stay as a free member, you can no worries. 🙂

Is This a Trap?

Absolutely not! This school, Wealthy Affiliate, has been created to help people like you and me to succeed online. So it’s your choice to take the opportunity or not!

What Does This School Will Teach Me?

Briefly, this school will teach you how to create a website and monetize it, this is the first step. You will become an affiliate marketer to promote products from the biggest companies online such as Amazon. But this is not the only thing, the online world is full of possibilities and you have the choice to take the ones you like! Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the resources you need to build and scale your business to a higher level.

Last Word From SOFF's Owner

Hi everyone! Yes I know this is not a real picture of me. I decided to keep my identity hidden for personal reasons. Although, if you join me in this adventure and you decide to create your own online business, I will surely show you who I really am.

If I can give you one tip today it would be : go for it, you have nothing to lose. It’s free and I’ll be there to support you. If you never try, you never know! See you inside my friend! 🙂